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New Mission for Palm Road

A little while ago, we told you about the PvP changes to the Palm Road map. Today, we want to share some news about the PvE version, which will also be featured in the 0.21.1 update.

We have prepared a new mission, added new cutscenes, and a new alarm mechanic for bots. We have made changes to the map’s geometry to better accommodate this mission: modified the covers and reworked some of the areas.

You will have to venture into a once-prosperous district of Shamsi, Karkhad’s capital. You must prevent an ambush on a humanitarian convoy in the area, now under the control of Al-Thurir terrorists.


The successful Al-Rabad operation has borne fruit. Caliber operators have been able to obtain intel, just in time, about a planned ambush by Al-Thurir terrorists on a humanitarian aid convoy sent by the OGRE corporation, due to travel along Palm Road.

The Caliber Joint Command Council decided to prevent the ambush, for both humanitarian and practical reasons—it will help to gain the trust of both the Karkhad citizenry, and the government.


This route was a vital transport artery of the capital back in the day. Since the start of the civil war, the neighboring regions have been engulfed in the ferocious flames of battle, and have changed hands many times. Right now, Palm Road is considered neutral territory. But, according to recon data, the Al-Thurir terrorists make their rounds there much more frequently than government forces.

Based on intel obtained in Al-Rabad, the ambush will be fairly straightforward: fireteams positioned inside the buildings by the roadside will eliminate the convoy’s security. If the convoy doesn’t stop, its way will be blocked by an explosion of the overpass, coordinated from a command post located on a nearby street.

Operators will have to fulfill three objectives: eliminate the command post, eliminate the fireteams, and prevent the blockade.


At the start of the mission, you will have to traverse dark alleys filled with small groups of Al-Thurir terrorists to the ambush point.

Stay cautious! Some fighters are responsible for sounding the alarm. If your enemies sound the alarm using a transmitter, the advantageous route will be blocked.

The alarm bot can be spotted by the bell icon above their head.




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