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Quick Sheet: Compensation System

In Caliber, there are many ways to get in-game items: event rewards, Army Surplus containers, contests; purchases via the game client, the official website, and Steam, etc.

If you receive an item that you already have on your account, it will activate the compensation system.

The compensation system is an opportunity to redeem the customization items that you have repeatedly received on your account. Players are compensated with Fragments — a special in-game currency.

In this quick sheet we are going to show you how many Fragments you can receive as a compensation for various items.


A compensation sum depends on item rarity. The rarer the item, the more Fragments you shall receive for it.

Fragment is a currency that you can receive as a compensation for receiving the same item, for a piece of HQ background and Epic Outfit from Battle Passes, for achieving some Account level, and from an Army Surplus container. There are no other ways to get Fragments. Using Fragments, you can purchase the majority of items in the game client.

Here’s an example of compensation for receiving the same camo (most often there is confusion about camos).

  1. A player has two elements (a chest rig and a uniform) of a rare Phantom camo.
  2. A player receives a full set of the Phantom camo from an Army Surplus container.
  3. A players receives all the missing camo elements for the weapon and the headgear as well as 30 Fragments as a compensation for the two elements that they have already had on their Account.


On the website, players use real money instead of in-game currencies to purchase items. So, the compensation for the rarest item categories is bigger. We are talking about HQ backgrounds, Epic and Legendary Outfits.


Almost all operators can be purchased with Credits in the game client. The only exception is the latest operator collection which is temporarily exclusive.

Credits are used for purchasing and upgrading operators; this is the most important purpose of this currency. So, a compensation for receiving the same operator is issued in Credits.

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