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New mission on Radar

With the 0.22.1 update, the Radar map will finally get its first mission. It will be possible to complete it in two modes: Point Sweep and Special Operation.

Players will have to get to the center node of the Zalessye’s AA system that was captured by the Azimuth PMC. We have prepared a story, cutscenes, operator dialogues and a brand-new area.


Built during the last decade of the Cold War, this powerful radar was meant to become one node in an interconnected defense system. Thus, the radar was equipped with integrated anti-air and missile defense systems.

When Zalessye became independent, the radar was deemed too powerful for the needs of the country’s air forces, and was mothballed.

In recent years, increased military funding allowed for bringing the radar back into service with fresh upgrades. Among other adjustments, close-range AA systems were installed.


After their defeat at the Dam, the Azimuth PMC became bolder in their movements.

Azimuth PMC combatants have occupied Zalessye’s radar station and presented the local government with an ultimatum.

"If you want Zalessye’s air space to remain free, you will allow us to operate here legally." — stated PMC leader Isaac Delgado.

Full control of the air space allows the terrorist force to ship illegal chemicals away from prying eyes in this overgrown, remote corner of the country.

Realizing that they wouldn’t be able to liberate the radar themselves, the Zalessye government turned to Caliber operators for help.


Your fireteam’s objective is to infiltrate the station and deactivate the close-range AA systems, so that allied airborne troops will be able to land.

Be wary of enemy reinforcements: they can arrive by helicopter. Try to shoot down incoming aircraft before it reaches the landing pad.


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