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Rebalancing six maps in PvP modes

Hello everyone!

With the next 0.22.1 update, we’ll be rebalancing six PvP maps. A wide variety of changes are on the way, including: new player spawn points and geometry adjustments for maps, covers, and passages.

The Crossing and Amal Harbor maps have been totally remodeled.

For the next ranked season, changes have been prepared for the Oil Platform, Forest, Radar, and Palm Road maps.

On the Crossing map, players prefer to play in the center, quite often ignoring other lines.

This is due to the very advantageous position of the ruins. They are located on elevated ground and surrounded by water, making it possible to control approach points from all sides. The area is a truly impregnable fort.

We decided to completely change the map geometry, add more islands and bridges, and drain water from the river in some places. We also moved player spawn points to encourage play across most of the map and not just in the center.

The ruins are still a very important location for controlling player redeployment between the lines.

Near the bridge, a small island has been added, which acts as a new spawn point for the first team. The bus on the bridge has been slightly repositioned.

The second team now spawns near the trees and outcrops on the opposite side of the map. The geometry of the outcrops has been changed to protect the team from oncoming fire.

More dryland has been added near the ruins so that the water does not hinder redeployment. This area is located close to the second team’s spawn point.

We’ve done the same near the outcrop by one of the passages leading to the ruins. This new dryland area will make it easier to redeploy and flank enemies.

A large boulder has been added on the same side as the bridge. It will serve as reliable cover if players choose to engage in a firefight with enemies holding their positions in the ruins.

You will now have more dryland and a makeshift bridge built from wooden planks to facilitate assaults on the structure.

The shapes of the outcrops have been slightly altered to protect from oncoming fire from the bridge. The second team can now move safely towards the ruins.

See below the new dryland area and the bridge.

The geometry of the rocks near the second team’s spawn point has been adjusted.

A new bridge has been added in Hacking mode, which allows the attacking team to be first to occupy the ruins.


The Boat station, a new safe structure, has been added. Should you take fire while redeploying, feel free to go inside.

There’s also another bridge that allows you to get to the ruins without getting wet.

The servers and infiltration areas have been repositioned. The defensive team is now able to be first to reach the servers and thus can better prepare themselves for enemy assault.

Server A

Server A has been moved closer to the defensive team’s old spawn point. It is now located by the church. The hacking device can be installed near the structure as well as on the stairs.

Server B

Server B has been moved closer to the attacking team’s old spawn point and is now located near the sawmill. A potentially explosive van has been placed in the installation area, which will make it harder for the attacking team to assault this location.

Infiltration area: attacking team

Infiltration area: defensive team

At Amal Harbor, players mostly keep to the tanks and move through the hangar. There are virtually no easy ways of moving between the lines on this map.

We’ve solved this problem by adding more opportunities for «vertical» play, an interactive gate (similar to the one on the Al-Rabad map), and more gas barrels!

Currently, players try to keep away from the line by the water.

In this area (though not only here!), stairs and bridges have been added that stretch as far as the tanks. By the tanks, gas barrels have been placed to make this position less comfortable and safe.


We have also cleared a small room so that the team that starts the round nearby can engage in a firefight with their opponent on equal terms.

The main hangar and the surrounding area have been significantly changed. We’ll start outside.

New bridges have been added for vertical gameplay. The stairs have been moved further from the hangar.


The main point of interest in the hangar is the tanks. Players sometimes dance around them, trying to catch each other.

We’ve moved the tanks to the rear wall of the hangar, increased the distance between them, and opened the stairway that takes you up onto the bridge.

As you may have guessed by now, the new Amal Harbor will require you to look up more often.


Behind the bridge, you’ll find a new room that looks pretty safe at first sight. However, pay attention to the loader, which has an explosive object on it and a destructible wall either side.


There will be new destructible walls near the stairs. They allow for the hangar to be unexpectedly rushed and reduce the redeployment time between the lines.

A new interactive door has replaced the old destructible wall. Press the button to open it. You can do this from both sides.

The two buildings opposite each other on the waterside will have similar doors instead of destructible walls.

The installation areas have been slightly relocated in Hacking mode.

Server A

Server B

Amal Harbor is a symmetrical map. We’ve adjusted the distance to the servers by changing the locations of the infiltration areas, which will help the defensive team to reach installation areas faster.

On the Oil Platform map, the spawn points for both teams have been repositioned. The servers have been moved closer to the defensive team.

The defensive team now has a new spawn point. Players can split into groups of two to swiftly take up defense in the hacking device installation area.

The attacking team also has a new spawn point. It provides advantages when rushing to both installation areas, as well as when playing from the center of the map.

New location of Server A

New location of Server B

New covers have been added in the center of the map that allow the attacking team to actively advance. They will cover movement and allow for easier play in this area of the map.

Covers have also been added on the way to Server A. These allow the attacking team to quickly advance and reach the hacking device installation area. They also protect from oncoming fire from the center.

The current version of the Forest map is unbalanced, providing the attacking team with more advantages.

The teams’ spawn points have been swapped. The defensive team will now be able to reach installation areas even faster to take up defense. Server A has been relocated.

Server A

Server A is now located closer to the defensive team’s spawn point.

To balance the parties, we added more covers for the attacking team on the way to this server.

The center of the map

On the Forest map, we’ve given the center of the map a little bit more cover to make it safer and more attractive.

On the Radar map, the distance between servers is too great, making it harder for the defensive team to redeploy. We decided to move the server one level up from the basement.

Server B

Server B has been moved out of the basement and placed closer to the defensive team.

The attacking team can still use the basement to safely reach the installation area—provided the enemy isn’t waiting for them down there, of course.

A new cover has been added to the line with Server B: a container. This will make it possible to reach the stairs more safely and start the assault from an elevated spot.

Some minor changes have been made to the Palm Road map.

The infiltration area for the defensive team on the right has been reduced in size, preventing the attacking team from being spotted at the very beginning of a round.

A wagon has been added to that same line, protecting the attacking team from taking fire.

A new cover has been added for the attacking team near the turned-over bus. This will allow for more discreet movement towards Server B.

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