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Twitch Drops Season Four: Operation Snowfall

Twitch Drops Season Four: Operation Snowfall will begin on December 20!

Watch the Caliber livestream with the tag «DropsEnabled» on Twitch and obtain customization items, Credits, Premium time, Army Surplus Containers and the holiday event currency: Snowflakes!

You can see all the rewards and learn more about the event’s rules on the separate page dedicated to Operation Snowfall.

The event will last until December 26.



What are Twitch Drops?
Twitch Drops are rewards for players that watch Twitch streams of a selected game. To join the broadcast as a viewer, link your Twitch account to your Caliber account on our website.
Do I need to watch the same channel to obtain all the rewards?
No, you are free to watch any Caliber-related channel on the specified dates. Just make sure that the channel of your choice is connected to Twitch Drops.
How can we make sure that the channel is a part of Twitch Drops?
There will be a technical message informing the viewer that this channel participates in Twitch Drops displayed in the chat as soon as you open the channel.
How do I claim my rewards?
If you have spent enough time on the livestream to obtain a reward, open your Twitch inventory. You can claim your reward there.
What if I receive a customization item I already own from an Army Surplus Container?
If one of the Twitch Drops rewards you receive are already present on your account, we’ll provide Fragments instead.
Will it be possible to obtain the Operation Snowfall items after the Twitch Drops campaign ends?
All the new Operation Snowfall items have an exclusivity period of 1 year. It will be impossible to obtain these items in any other way after the event during that time.
I have a Twitch channel and I want to stream Caliber. How can I become a part of the Operation Snowfall campaign?
Link your Caliber and Twitch accounts, then enable Twitch Drops on the creator control panel. As soon as you connect to Twitch Drops, use the #caliber_drops hashtag so the viewers will be able to find you more easily.
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