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Snowy Shop: New Year Showcase and Daily Objectives

The New Year approaches!

The Snowy Shop, which opens on December 20, will help you prepare for the occasion. Check the showcase to launch celebratory fireworks and buy containers with holiday customization items.

Earn Snowflakes by completing objective stages and watching special streams on, then go shopping!

The holiday showcase will be open until the start of maintenance on January 24.



You can use Snowflakes or Coins to buy up to 30 Snowy Shop Containers. These contain 3 slots that can hold holiday customization items for a random operator, HQ Backgrounds, Premium time, Credits, Team Reserves and Fragments.

Here’s the full list of items that can appear in a Container:

If you don’t get an Epic Outfit or an HQ Background in 29 opened Containers, then you are guaranteed to get at least one of these in your 30th Container. But that does not mean that you can only get a single item of those types. It’s all up to fate!


Greet players by launching fireworks right from the HQ!

There are three firework types available:

  • Single-color fireworks — 10,000 Credits.
  • Multicolor fireworks — 50 Snowflakes or 100 Coins.
  • Signed fireworks — 125 Snowflakes or 250 Coins.


Snowflakes are the main currency for this event. They can be obtained in two ways:

  • By completing stages of the Daily and Weekly Objectives.
  • By watching special Twitch Drops campaign streams (more details will be available soon).


By completing the first four stages of the Daily Objectives, and for completing all the Weekly Objectives, you can obtain additional Snowflake rewards.

There will also be a new celebratory Daily Objective added during the event: use the «Accordion», «Sing-song», or «Listen to this tune!» Emotes in battle.

These Emotes will be available to all players for free for the duration of the event.


All unspent Snowflakes will be converted into Credits on January 24, after maintenance ends.

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