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Onslaught: reworks, new rounds and modifiers

Hello, everyone!

For update 0.22.2, we’ve rebuilt Onslaught mode. This means that now we’ll be able to apply nuanced tweaks and add new mechanics to the mode more easily. One such mechanic will be added on the day of the update.

We’ve also changed the round picking logic (so you won’t have to run across the entire map to complete objectives), added several new activities, and changed the lineup and number of bots that fight against you.

The new Onslaught mode is available for five maps, including Polar Station, which will appear in this mode for the first time.


To increase variety and replayability of this mode we’re adding a new mechanic: modifiers.

A modifier is an effect that alters operator or bot characteristics either positively or negatively.

Each battle will have two random modifiers applied, which will last until the end of the match. The battle modifiers are displayed right away, at the preparation stage. This info will allow you to pick the right operator for the specified conditions.

You can also see these modifiers in battle by opening the Battle Results menu with the [TAB] key.

Below is a list of modifiers. This list may be changed and expanded in the future.



The numbers of rounds on the Legend difficulty will be reduced to 7, making it the same as on Veteran difficulty. We did this to make Legend less tedious, and added modifiers to make it a bit harder on top of that.

Despite the lower number of rounds, the rewards will remain the same. Finish the battle quicker, but gain the same amount!


In Veteran, rounds will become time-restricted, the same as in Legend. We want to make the mode more dynamic and avoid situations where players have to fend off endless waves of bots.

The mode itself will become a little harder thanks to the modifiers. So, we’ll turn off friendly fire and improve the rewards.


The Defense round will be removed from Onslaught mode. According to reviews, very few players actually enjoyed it, and it harmed the pacing of the battle.

There will be three new rounds in place of Defense. The round lineup will be expanded and the number of possible combinations increased.

Remember, the first six rounds are random, the last one is always Evacuation.



  1. Activate the laptop to learn the location of the mortar.
  2. Get to the mortar and destroy it.

Bots will begin shelling the players after the laptop has been activated.


Objective: Destroy the enemy drone. Be careful, as the drone is accompanied by guards.

If the drone reaches its destination, it will count as a loss for the players.


Objective: Install the scanner at a predetermined location and protect it.

If the scanner is destroyed, it will count as a loss for the players.


The Evacuation round will become more intense.

You’ll have to wait for the transport that will pick you up, while the bots try to capture the zone. If they succeed, you lose.


We’ve reworked your enemies as well.

The lineup and number of bots will depend on the round, and will increase with each round.

Thus, fights will be more varied and the difficulty will increase more progressively.

In Onslaught: Veteran you will also run into the Heavy Fighter for the first time. He is not as savage as its Legend counterpart, but he shouldn’t be ignored, either.


Right now, it is quite common for the next round to begin on the opposite side of the map, forcing players to waste precious Stamina and Stimulants to get to the objectives’ location.

We’ve created a new sector system, which will try and start the next round close to the previous one.


Field Bonuses will now drop every round, so there’s no point hanging on to them until the final round anymore.

The Bonuses that appear after destroying bots will be different for each round. The closer you are to the final round, the more powerful bonuses you’ll get.


The new Onslaught will have five maps: Caravanserai, Al-Rabad, Hospital, Dam, and Polar Station.


The main goal of reworking Onslaught is to allow us to add the new mechanics, and address the persisting problems of the mode.

Due to the global deep rework, we’ll have to adapt each map from scratch. We’ve prepared five maps so far, but we’re working on the others as well.

We are also working on a mechanic that is completely new to Caliber!

See you in Onslaught!

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