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Liberty Legendary Outfits

Hello, everyone!

The new 0.22.2 update was recently released, which saw the addition of the first Legendary Outfits for the CST operators. In this article, we want to share some details about the outfits’ creation, and some facts about primary weapons.


The US Army’s Cultural Support Team consists of women who, after a rigorous selection process, take special courses on informational operations, languages, traditions and etiquette of the Middle East.

The mission locations require that the operators look the part. Entry into a residential area puts coalition units at risk of turning loyal citizens against them, simply by transgressing the unseen boundaries of Eastern cultures.

For CST’s basic outfits, we depicted them during their Karkhad

We decided to style them more casually for the Liberty Legendary Outfits.

We wanted to show how the CST operators would look in civilian clothes, training on the shooting range, in a calm environment.


The Cultural Support Team happily wears civilian outfits in a military style. It’s not just about fashion—it can be quite hard to find uniforms in the right size, so they often end up in baggy, oversized garments.

While the Liberty Outfits can be called a "fantasy", there are no made-up elements. All of the equipment exists in real life and can be used during training.


Sig Sauer XM-7 | Assault Sly

The newest assault rifle developed for a contest held by the US Army.

The main advantage of the new rifle is the cartridge, designed specifically for improved long-distance piercing capabilities. This is necessitated by widespread use of armored vests and helmets that make the existing ammo less effective. According to the manufacturer, SIG rounds provide range and piercing similar to older rifle ammo, while featuring significantly reduced recoil more comfortable for the shooter.

AAC Honey Badger | Support Fortress

The honey badger is a fearless predator that makes even lions think twice.

The eponymous weapon was created with its namesake in mind. The Honey Badger was created as a response to the US special forces’ call for "a weapon like our trusty HK MP5 with integrated silencer, but better". The Honey Badger is a quiet weapon that packs quite a punch. The heavy 300 AAC Blackout bullets keep their energy for longer and are effective against targets in armored vests. Despite all this, the Honey Badger is comparable in size to a submachine gun with a suppressor.

CMMG Banshee | Medic Bones

A light and compact submachine gun based on the popular AR-15.

Thanks to its unusual breech locking system, the Banshee has a low rate of fire, improving its accuracy and dramatically decreasing its weight.

The Banshee is often equipped with a suppressor, since its radial delayed blowback system makes much less noise while firing than the typical blowback operation.

FN MK 20 SSR | Marksman Avalanche

The sniper version of the legendary Belgian FN SCAR-H assault rifle, developed at the request of US special forces.

Following feedback from marksmen, the top part of the receiver was elongated to allow for mounting of longer scopes and various attachments, such as night vision scopes. The MK 20 also boasts a heavier barrel and improved trigger mechanism.

Since the rifle was intended for a sniper’s number 2, it’s both accurate over long distances and does well in close combat.

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