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Threshold mode adjustments: safety around the HQ

Hello, everyone! The next version is 0.23.0!

First, we’d like to share some news on adjustments to Threshold mode. Last time, we improved the UI. Now we’re making changes to fix one nasty issue.

We know from your feedback that APC alone is not enough to defend the base. Players have discovered ways to eliminate enemies close to their HQ.

With update 0.23.0, the base will become much safer.

1. When an enemy gets too close to your base, their screen will turn black and white, and a warning will appear advising them to stay away. Five seconds later, the enemy operator will be automatically eliminated.

2. Also, enemies won’t be able to fire shells or throw grenades at the area around your HQ. Please note that the area around your HQ is smaller than that of the base. Shell protection is provided around the area where you deliver intel.

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