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Patch Notes 0.10.0

Patch Notes 0.10.0


— Added two new operators from EZAPAC, Spain:

  • Miguel, Medic;
  • Diablo, Marksman.

— All operators' headshot damage now matches the description in their Personnel File.

— Fixed a bug where operators could stand up while interacting with items on the ground. 

— Fixed a bug where the Regenerating Materials skill didn't work until damage was taken. 

— Eima, NESHER Marksman; Scout, SEAL Marksman; Komar, SSO Marksman; Plut, 22 SPN Assault. Fixed enemy tag display. 



— The Hindering Shot ability had its efficiency reduced: the slowing effect's strength has been greatly reduced, the ability's cooldown was increased from 12 to 16 seconds, usage cost was increased by 10 SP (was 30, became 40 Stamina Points).

22 SPN

— Reduced the maximum spread on GSh-18 pistols.

Kit, Support

— Upgrade #12 "Banner Ability's Duration Increase" has been removed and replaced by "Operator's Health Increase by 10 HP". Kit's maximum HP total is now 120.  

— Upgrade #13 "Shortened Barrel for RPK203" had its negative effects reduced: the spread increase and effective firing distance reduction were removed, the positive effect on rate of stun immunity gain when firing was improved.

— Recoil on the GSh-18 pistol now matches recoil on similar pistols of other operators.

Karavai, Medic

— Reduced the base cost of the ability from 40 SP to 30 SP.

SSO Collection

— Added epic camouflage «Десантник» for all operators in the SSO collection. 

Bard, Medic

—In the legendary outfit, the Mergo 21 scope's aiming grid was made thinner, improving visibility while aiming. 

— Fixed a bug where Bard could heal an ally while they were affected with Burning.


Almaz, Support

— Removed the animation for reanimating critically wounded allies.

Strelok, Marksman

— When using the Warden legendary outfit, weapons don't disappear when switching anymore. Now, when switching, the VSS rifle is placed on the back and the SR1M pistol is placed in the hip holster.


— Added Patriot legendary outfits for the whole collection. 

— Fixed a bug where the icon for the default camouflage on the weapon didn't match the camouflage actually displayed on it. 

Corsair, Assault

— Main weapon, MK18 assault rifle — slightly reduced spread when firing, slightly reduced recoil, improved damage at middle range.  

— Upgrade #11 "Expanding Bullets" — removed and replaced with "Special Trait": an enemy target taken out while under the effects of the Black Mark becomes immobile while critically wounded. 

Scout, Marksman
— Fixed mine's description. 

Monk, Medic
— Upgrade #15 "Special Trait: Ability can be used on enemies" has been replaced with "Special Trait: Using ability on allies increases their movement speed by 25%".
— Upgrade #14 "Special Trait: Operator reloads and switches main weapon faster while at max health" has been replaced with "Base Health Increase". Monk's maximum HP total is now 100.
— Upgrade #9 "Special Trait: Hits with MK25 pistol inflict Slow debuff on target" had its mechanics changed — hitting the target 3 times in a row slows it down by 50%.
— Special tool, M18 Smoke Grenade — increased basic capacity by 1, detonation delay reduced by 1.5 sec.


Rain, Assault
— Main weapon, G36C — fire rate reduced from 10.66 shots/sec to 10.5 shots/sec, reduced armor piercing from 60% to 55%. 


— Fixed the descriptions on weapons on the Nomads legendary outfits for the whole GROM unit. 

Koszmar, Assault
— Changed the operator stance in the HQ while equipped with the Nomad legendary outfit.

Prorok, Support
— Changed the description of operator's Upgrade #7: specified that the upgrade works while the ability is active.
— Upgrade #11 now works correctly: the smoke remains in place for longer, according to the upgrade.

Mikolaj, Medic

— Fixed operator's Upgrade #11: Reload speed increase for all allies while the Field Hospital ability is active.

— Now, if the areas of effect of field hospitals set by medics of opposing teams intersect, the healing effect is added together while the player is inside the intersection.


Sterling, Assault
—Main weapon, L119A1 assault rifle — increased damage at a distance, increased headshot damage (was 39, became 44), reduced recoil, slightly reduced spread. 
— Special tool, L17A1 under-barrel grenade launcher — reduced damage falloff based on distance from the explosion's center. 
— Unfinished Business ability — reduced the base cost of the ability from 100 SP to 90 SP, reduced the base cooldown from 45 sec to 40 sec. 

Bishop, Support
— Fixed a bug (Frontline mode) where all player foes were highlighted if the jammer was destroyed by a bot. 
— Jammer ability — increased the speed and range of the throw. 
— Special tool, L109A1 — reduced the grenade's timer by 0.5 sec. This also affects the posthumous grenade. 


Vagabond, Marksman
— Enemies won't get status icons applied anymore when taking damage from the Fragmentation Bullets ability.


— IWI Jericho 941F pistol — increased rate of fire from 6.5 shots/sec to 7.0 shots/sec. 

— Fixed typos in the descriptions for Shersheret, Medic and Eima, Marksman. 

Aphela, Assault
— Lethal damage from the Fragmentation Bullets now activates the Last Legs effect. 
— Fixed issues in the character's model.  

Shersheret, Medic
— The Mergo 21 scope's aiming grid was made thinner, improving visibility while aiming. 
— We're proponents of gun safety. Now no operator in the HQ has their finger on the trigger. 
—Fixed the damage Shersheret takes when shot in the head. 

Eima, Marksman
— Fixed small issues in the character's model in the HQ. 
— Fixed typos in the personnel file. 
— Fixed the bug where Eima began aiming earlier than she could take a shot. Now the operator begins aiming only when she's ready for the shot, just like the other Marksmen.  

Maps, missions and bots changes

General changes

— Changed the points on the maps where the bots couldn't interact with cover and obstacles. 

— Added a new map, Dam, for the Clearing and Special Operation modes. The first Special Operation at the Dam will be held on May 5th. 


AI / Bots

— New model for the RGD-5 grenade for all bots. 

— Clip reload time for Zalessye Assaults has been changed to the correct one. 

— Karkhad bots learned to perform an offensive in the same way Zalessye bots can. 

Bots rebalanced:

— All difficulties:  

— Snipers, Rocket Launchers, Chemists.  

— Increased converging time. 

— Taurus Assaults:  

  • Slightly reduced damage.
  • Slightly reduced firing accuracy.
  • Increased delay between aimed shots at the player.
  • Slightly increased converging time.
— Zalessye Assaults: 
  • Heavily reduced damage.
  • Slightly reduced firing accuracy.
  • Increased delay between aimed shots at the player.

— Taurus Gunners: 

  • Slightly reduced damage.
  • Slightly reduced firing accuracy.
  • Increased delay between aimed shots at the player.

— Zalessye Gunners: 

  • Slightly reduced damage.

— Taurus Machinegunners: 

  • Slightly reduced damage.
  • Slightly reduced firing accuracy.
  • Increased delay between aimed shots at the player.

— Zalessye Machinegunners: 

  • Slightly reduced damage.
  • Slightly reduced firing accuracy.

— Taurus and Zalessye Fighters:  

  • Heavily reduced damage.
  • Slightly reduced firing accuracy.

— Special Operation:  

— Taurus and Zalessye Fighters:  

  • Slightly reduced damage.
  • Removed accuracy increase with continuous fire.



— Bots jump down from and climb cover like in other missions. 

— In the final part of the prologue each role receives an individual task. 

— Added tips at the balcony about using bipods in the Marksman prologue. 

— Marksman. When the Marksman has to use their ability according to the tutorial task, they're given Stamina Points if they don't have enough. 

— Support. When the Medic bot receives the shield at the parking lot, the bots become more aggressive. 

— Removed the word "Bot" when tagging allies. 

— Player gets a tip about a way around if they lag during the barricade assault. 

— Ability usage tips added to the help screen (opened via the F1 key). 

— Allied bots' markers are made the same as real players would have when playing as a team. 

— Fixed a bug where the playthrough would get lead into an unwinnable state if the player was behind the parking lot's shutters during the final part of the mission.  

— Fixed the material the cars are made out of. 

— Fixed the flickering on tip highlights on objects. 

— Allied bots no longer open doors except for when it's a part of the scenario. 

— Assault. The Marksman bot now correctly takes their defensive position. 

— Replaced the Prologue's loading screen text. 

— Assault, Medic. Can't walk through the shutters before they're fully open anymore. 

— Assault. Can't go through the air duct anymore. 

— Assault. Can't go through the gates next to the stairs to floor 2 anymore. 

— Marksman. Fixed the canister's reaction to shots. 

— Support. Fixed some objects you could walk through before. 

— Support. Removed the ability to walk through doors. 

— Support. Removed the ability to walk through shutters before they're fully open. 

— Fixed ammo crates indicators. 

— Support. The tip about selecting special tools only appears at the right moment. 

— Fixed mine replenishment in case of player death. 

— Marksman, Assault. Fixed object textures on the map. 

— Fixed the ability to walk through the car. 

— The Medic bot now looks the same in the cutscene and in the game. 

— The Prologue no longer displays the state of Daily and Campaign Missions. 

— The Prologue no longer shows the XP earned in the results after the level is complete. 

«Palm Road»

— All modes. When finishing off on the balcony operator models no longer fall through the balcony. 

— All modes. Fixed the car's color at the map's starting area on all levels of detail. 

— All modes. Fixed shadows under the bridge. 

— All modes. Fixed balcony railings textures. 

— Frontline. Special tools no longer fall through the level geometry when being deployed. 

— All modes. Fixed a bug where you could fall through the level geometry when hopping off an obstacle. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a bug where vaulting cover could lead you to entering an explosive barrel. 

— Special Operation. The Hop Off button now appears in the correct spot. 


— Clearing, Special Operation. The bipod buff now correctly works in all windows. 

— All modes. Fixed camera behavior when the operator is in splints while critically injured. 

— All modes. Fixed textures on some objects. 

— Fixed a bug where in rare cases the mission could be rendered unwinnable if only one hostage remained under the players' protection.  

— Clearing, Special Operation. The bots' car no longer turns around when exiting the gateway. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Retreating bots no longer walk through cover. 

— Showdown, Hacking. Fixed camera behavior near the mesh on the second floor. 

— Clearing. Fixed wheels on the hostage transport. 

—Clearing, Special Operation. You can no longer go through cover and skip parts of the mission that way. 

— Showdown, Hacking. Fixed going through walls when vaulting over cover. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed markers' positioning. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. The bot on the balcony correctly moves across its surface and can be lit up. 

— All modes. The container at the beginning of the level no longer can be shot through. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Hostage bots correctly vault over cover. 

«Emir's Palace»

— All modes. Fixed bugs where textures disappear in certain points on the map. 

— Special Operation. Added a notification about the arrival of officers. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. In the alternate level, fixed a bug where you could go through the wall geometry. 


— Fixed the levels on the Mall map: 

  • Clearing. Removed bots from the second floor during the pilot protection stage.
  • Special Operation. The positions of bots on the second floor during the pilot protection stage have been moved forward.
  • Added wooden cover for the second pilot, on their right.
  • Removed the chemist bot during the pilot protection stage.
  • Increased the timer on the first bomb.
  • Removed some bots which appear behind the players' backs.

— All modes. Garbage no longer floats in the air. 

— All modes. Fixed a bug where some objects had different material values which made them sound wrong when shot. 

— All modes. Fixed incorrect lighting on one of the mannequin models. 

— All modes. Added mall door opening sound. 

— All modes. Fixed task descriptions. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Bots no longer go through the fence near the fountain.  

— Clearing, Special Operation. Bots no longer go through destructible obstacles. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a bug where a bot could attack while staying invincible in their spawn point. 


— Clearing, Special Operation. The disarmed bomb can't be interacted with anymore. 

— All modes. Tall cover can no longer be shot through except for an ability explicitly allows that. 

— All modes. Walls beyond the map's boundaries no longer become black when adjusting shadow settings. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. The bot spawn point at the right bomb has been moved out of the player's field of view. 


— Fixed camera behavior when looking at trees. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. The task can be activated without issue now. 

— All modes. Tall cover can no longer be shot through except for an ability explicitly allows that. 

— All modes. Bipods can be deployed at any cover now. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. During the final part of the mission, ammo can be replenished from the crate from any side. 

— Fixed a bug where bots would shoot the wall before hopping off obstacles. 

— Hacking. Fixed a bug where you could get into areas unavailable in this mode. 

«Amal Harbor»

— Showdown, Hacking. Bipods can be deployed at any cover now. 

«Almalik Hotel»

— All modes. Fixed a bug where at the start of the map in critical condition you couldn't crawl between a building and cover. 

— All modes. Fixed a bug where special tools were being deployed inside the statue's model. 

— All modes. Fixed the sound of shooting sidewalk pavement. 

— Fixed free camera behavior: it no longer flies into objects or beyond the map. 

— Fixed being able to shoot and walk through a crate. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Removed the invisible barrier in front of bar stools. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the discrepancy between the physical and visible models of some objects. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the car's health bar color. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a bug where the level ended if you exited the lift by the time the cutscene starts. 

— Removed the invisible obstacle between cover and a container, which appeared when the operator is critically injured. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Operators no longer say the base has been captured if that doesn't happen. 

— All modes. Fixed a bug where operators would walk on air after hopping off a container. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a cover's model to properly display the vaulting animation. 

— All modes. Fixed being able to go through the truck. 

— Fixed being able to enter the final room without pressing the button. 

— Fixed being able to climb a crate without pressing the respective button. 

— All modes. Now the cover bipod buff works correctly. 

— Added the ability to climb the wall from both sides. 

— Added the ability to climb the sofa. 

«Object 903»

— Level fixes at the Object 903 map: 

  • Some Assault bots have been replaced with Fighter bots.
  • During data upload to the server no more than 1 Grenadier/Chemist/Sniper appears at a time.
  • Increased point capture timer near the server.
  • Added cover during the mission finale.

— Special Operation. Removed the window for placing the bot ability icon. 

— All modes. Fixed cover vaulting. 

— Special Operation. Fixed being able to go through closed gates. 

— All modes. Fixed a bug where you could jump down from the bridge onto the submarine. 

— Fixed the boundaries of the railcar's generator. 

— Fixed the boundaries of crates on the map. Now they match the visible models. 

— Fixed a bug which rendered the level unwinnable. 

— All modes. Fixed receiving buffs when deploying bipods in various places. 

— Changed operator placement in the cutscene. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Grenade display works properly for bots now. 


— For all weapons on all operators. The crosshair shows spread according to the weapon's values.

— Added a Display Spread While Aiming setting added to the Game section of the Settings, toggling the display of the respective indicator. 

— Fixed the storefront display in-game when buying via the sale notification. 

— Updated icons for mic on/off.  

— Added icons informing that a critically wounded user has quit battle.  

— Updated ability icons for operators whose abilities are activated by pressing and/or holding.  

— Reinstated the chat during the victory cutscene.  

— Hacking mode. All maps. Fixed marker behavior when picking a hacker by the player at the very start of a new round.  

— The hit indicator is no longer shown when shooting objects that can't be damaged. 

— Fixed bugs on the Daily Mission screen.  

— Updated icons for the Alloys Material.  

— Fixed enemy icon positions when loading into battle.  

— Changed the reanimation icon.  

— Added the ability to scroll the text chat during battle.  

— Now, if some team members can't play in a mode because of a penalty, all of the team will see that they're forbidden from participation.  

— Highlights for allies needing healing and enemies detected by a special tool or ability no longer disappear.  


— Added spatial audio technology. 

— Added sounds for Battle Pass Containers.

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed helicopter sounds. 

— Added new sound bites for TVD Karkhad bots. 

— Added new sounds for reserve usage animations (adrenaline, spare plates and others).  

— New messages when marking: 

  • an allied non-combatant.
  • an allied bot.

— All operators. Finishing moves. Now foes and allies will hear the gunshot from the Slavic Farewell finishing move. 

General changes

— Added an emblem for members of the affiliate program. 

— Added the Hidden Threat emblem. 

— Added the Bad Manners emblem. 

— Added a new ribbon, medal and emblem for afflicting the Burning debuff.  

— Added the ability to rebind keys for using the second reserve and seeing technical data (default - 5 and B).  

— Added the ability to change dummy placement at the firing range in the Training mode. 

— The content of the Defender's Day event is now available for purchase.  

— Added emblems with country flags.  

— Added the ability to use the cinematic camera for sprinting with a special tool equipped.  

— Changed the sounds and visuals of helicopter fly-by.  

— Increased the benefits of legendary outfits: they now give +25% XP and +20% Credits (was: +20% XP and +10% Credits).  

— Added a new Contracts system, which lets you earn Materials and Operator XP without player involvement. Read more

— Removed Material Containers from rewards for the second and third chapters of Campaign Missions. Added Supply Containers to the rewards of chapters 2 and 3 of the Campaign Mission (contain reserves and boosters). This change will go into effect starting April 7th.

— Updated the XP Booster description.  

— Specified that the bonus is only applied to the operator's progress.  

— Reduced the minimum player penalty for prematurely leaving battle to 22 hours.  

— Added the ability to change the client's region.  

— Added information about potential damage before hopping off.  

— Added the ability to send emotes to the enemy team.  

— Updated the description for emblems from the Defender's Day event.  

— Fixed typos in the descriptions of the Salvager and Secret medals.  

— Fixed highlights for ammo crates where that was necessary.  

— Pressing ESC now closes the error window.  

— Fixed a bug where sometimes the battle results were replaced by an empty screen. 

— Fixed incorrect maintenance notices.  

— Sprinting Stamina usage reduction upgrades now show more information.  

— Added animation for bipod deployment when activating the respective buff for Scout, SEAL Marksman, and Ten', 22 SpN Marksman.  

— In the Store, Premium's description now mentions it adds +5% to Free XP.  

— New look for the Dam HQ.  

— Banned accounts are now informed of the ban when entering their login information.  

— The replay's lifetime in the Replay tab is now shown correctly, consituting 3 days. 

— The mode ban for prematurely leaving a battle now matches the actual penalty's duration.  

— Fixed descriptions and tips on loading screens.  

— Selecting an operator no longer removes the ability to play a tutorial video for their role from the Operators menu.  

— Fixed different bot names in the Campaign Mission and in the battle.  

— The amount of XP to level an operator up on the Operator Progress screen now matches the operator's current progress.  

— Fixed wrong bonus XP calculations at the end of a battle when playing with Premium. 

— To see battle results in a replay you no longer need to restart the client.  

— The Burning debuff no longer prevents armor replenishment.  


— Added new visuals for unboxing a container.  

— Reworked ability visuals. There are more differences between their types, the overall approach is more detailed.  

— Added visuals for Flame Breath ammo.  

— Added visuals for flashlight blinding.  


— Added a new icon animation when finishing an operator off.  

— Added new animations for Sniper bots.  

Technical changes

— Clearing, Special Operation, Frontline. Fixed framerate drops at the start of the game while bots are appearing.  

— Fixed a technical issue which appeared if a player was in matchmaking and at the same time changed game settings.  

— Added a New tab in the Store.  

— Fixed the black screen when pressing Change User.

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