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Mean Joke Event

Hello, everyone!

In celebration of World Laughter Day (or April’s Fool Day), we have prepared a Mean Joke Event, where you will be able to fulfill thematic objectives and earn April 1st Containers as a reward.

The event will last from March 20 to April 3.


A new objective will be added for all three Daily Objective stages: «Use the I’m Friendly!, Jump, Guffaw, Let’s Dance! or Sorry, It Happens Emotes in combat right after incapacitating an enemy player twice».

The timeframe to use an Emote after incapacitating an enemy is 5 seconds.

Don’t have any of those Emotes? No problem!

Two of the Emotes that can be used to complete the objectives will appear in the store’s Showcase in the game client during the event.


By completing the first stage of the Daily Objectives, for completing all three Weekly Objectives, and for each Elite Objective, you can obtain an additional reward: an April 1st Container.

The container may contain funny Emotes and bright Camos for a random operator, Credits, and Team Reserves. No duplicates.

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