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Modes: a New Way of Selecting and Weekend Mode

Hello, everyone!

Version 0.23.0 will bring changes to the mode selection window, add Weekend mode, and slightly adjust categories.

These changes are intended to improve matchmaking, allow periodically playing in uncommon modes, and make the mode selection screen more usable, informative, and pleasing to the eye.



In the new window, modes will be divided into six different categories. To select a category, click on the banner.


The PvE and PvP modes will now feature an option to choose up to three modes simultaneously while searching for battles.

To do so, click on the Change button under the corresponding category, then put a checkmark on the modes you want to play. You can start a battle straight from this screen, without having to return to the HQ.

You can pick several modes only in one category. You cannot search for battles in Point Sweep (PvE) and Showdown (PvP) simultaneously.

Picking all modes in a category at the same time is helpful, as it speeds up queue times considerably and awards you 10% Bonus XP for your operator, Battle Pass (if an event is active in-game), and Combat Pay objectives after each battle.

The main point of this change is to bring together players who wish to play different modes, improve matchmaking, and, consequently, improve the quality of battles.

The more players there are in the matchmaking system, the faster it can compose fair teams.


The new Weekend mode category is a dynamic one. A new mode will appear in this mode every Friday.

Weekend mode will allow you to both enjoy familiar, regular modes with various modifiers, and play old modes that didn’t become Caliber mainstays.

Weekend mode will be available every week, from Friday, 8 AM UTC to Monday, 8 AM UTC.

The upcoming Weekend modes are scheduled as follows:

Annihilation: Modifiers. In this mode, players will be affected by random modifiers, some of which you may have already seen in Onslaught mode.

A specifically prepared mode will be added to this category for big events, such as Common Cause or Marathon, available until the end of those events. Weekend mode will also return after the end of a special event.


Frontline and Onslaught: Legend will be removed from the regular categories.

You’ll still be able to play them, but only in Weekend mode or User Battles.

Frontline mode is very near and dear to us, as it paved the way for one of the main game modes, Threshold. We’ve decided to put more resources into supporting and upgrading Threshold mode as the more complex and promising mode out of the two. Frontline will sometimes appear in the game through Weekend mode.

Onslaught: Legend did not become quite as popular, despite our support, and the only demographic interested in that mode is the most hardcore players.

We’ll continue to develop Onslaught as a mode with high replay potential and convenient XP gain. The rest of the players will be able to play Onslaught: Legend when it reappears in Weekend mode. We also recommend checking out the new Special Operation.

Special Operation will stay, but will be made more difficult. Every battle will now take place on a random map, with the Fog of War modifier active.

Fog of War is a modifier that disables markers, outlines, and HP and effect displays for all players. Aim at a teammate or an enemy to see more information about them.

A new quick version of Hacking will appear among PvP modes. If you enjoy Hacking but are afraid of the strict Ranked rules, then this version is for you.

The number of rounds will be cut down to reach the same average duration as the other PvP modes. The reward will also be the same as other PvP modes: 1000 XP.

Normal Hacking mode rules:

  • To achieve victory, you must win 3 rounds.
  • The maximum number of rounds is 5.
  • The maximum duration of one round is 3 minutes.
  • Teams switch sides every round.
  • Destructible objects do not respawn.
  • The preparation phase in the Infiltration area lasts for 20 seconds.
  • Friendly fire is disabled.
  • Armor is replenished between rounds.
  • Playing as Recruits is allowed.
  • There is no HP penalty after revival.


Pick every mode in PvE or PvP categories to find a match with players of more or less the same skill level, and get bonus XP, including Battle Pass XP. Remember that only Premium speeds up the leveling process.

Keep an eye on the Weekend mode category! Every Friday it will update to feature both familiar, regular modes, and experimental modes using modifiers and different rules.

The changes listed above will allow us to introduce new modes without harming the matchmaking system, and to improve the gameplay experience for those who suffer from prolonged battle searching.

We will monitor your activity and feedback after the release of the update to make your experience even better in future releases.

See you on the battlefield!

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