April 7th Hotfix | News | Caliber is a team-based online game
April 7th Hotfix

As a result of planned maintenance on April 7th the game has received several changes.

— The fourth Battle Pass, League of Fire, has launched. 

—  The Archives: Operation D'Arc event has been extended by one week until April 14th. 

— Archives: Operation D'Arc. Now each event container for the Daily Mission gives at least 20 Tokens.

— Localisation (EN). Fixed a bug in the Frontline mode where in defeat the announcer's voice declared victory.

— All modes. Stormy Palm Road. Fixed issues with thunder sounds.

— Localisation (RU, EN). Archives: Operation D'Arc. Fixed the descriptions for Tokens and their method of procurement.

— Operators: Navy SEAL. Fixed a bug where purchasing the legendary outfit Patriot for every operator didn't unlock the respective emblem.

— Finishers. Unicorn. Fixed the animation for the fall of the dead body of an operator.

— Localisation (RU). Fixed the name of the emblem with Republic Belarus' flag.

— Fixed a bug where after a battle's end the operator remained marked as "in battle" for a long period of time and, once unlocked, didn't receive any mission progress.

— Localisation (RU, EN). Fixed the wrong description for the Archives: Operation D'Arc Event Container.

— Fixed limb positions for ally bots in a static idle position.

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