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Onslaught mode: two new maps and improvements

Hello, everyone!

The next Caliber update will be version 0.23.2. Here’s the first new info.

For Onslaught mode, we have prepared two maps, including one that is brand new, and have rebalanced Field Bonuses and adjusted the Rounds as well.


The Crossing was once a part of Onslaught, but will now feature different gameplay.

Version 0.22.1 saw some big changes to this map, including the geometry and objects, and version 0.22.2 brought changes to the mode itself.


Right now, most of the work of adding the map to this mode is done, and we’re running the last tests to find any possible bugs. You will be able to play the map when the update drops.

A brand new map will be added to Onslaught mode in the future, which we’ll tell you more about some time later.

Both these maps don’t have enough mortar covers, so the mortar round will be replaced with a new one: Bomber Drones.



During this round, Bomber Drones will assault the players. Your objective will be to find the location of the drone transmitter, and destroy it.


We’ve also made changes to the problematic rounds.

  • Drone Destruction Round
    • The drone no longer needs to have any bots nearby to continue moving.
  • Scanner Defense Round
    • Bots no longer try to destroy the scanner after the round ends.
  • Evacuation Round
    • Fixed several bugs related to bots spawning on faraway points.


We’re adding 4 new bonuses, rebalancing several old ones, and tweaking the bonus drop system.


Right now, some of the Field Bonuses provide too much of an advantage, thus making Onslaught mode too easy.

We’ll nerf the most powerful bonuses. Some of their effects will be removed and added to the new Field Bonuses instead.

Some bonuses will also have their icons changed to better reflect their purpose.



Some new bonuses will be added to Onslaught mode, which means that the drop system will be changed as well, even if just a bit.

One thing you’ll notice for sure is that Field Bonuses will drop more frequently.

This should help balance the mode, especially since we’ve also changed the bot spawn points, making them harder to fight.

The table below will help you understand what Field Bonuses can drop at what time.


And finally: the Explicit Threat modifier will also be changed.

Right now, it continuously applies the Marked effect to bots, which seems unfair towards the AI. In the new version, the Marked effect will be applied periodically instead.


We continue to work on Onslaught mode. We already have plans to add some maps and improve several mechanics.

The final tests of the mode are now being held, so the numbers listed in this article may change slightly.

Leave your feedback on our socials. We always read it and use it during development.

See you on the battlefield!

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