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Threshold Mode: Big Rebalance and Tutorial

Hello, everyone!

Big changes are coming to Threshold mode: predictable bot behavior, an ability to call in an allied Rocketeer bot and the removal of said bots from the neutral bot pool, capturing servers for recon, faster capturing of the first two areas, and much more.

Eima volunteered to tell you about the changes in a short video. Don’t worry about Recruit: he’s also filming something interesting for you.


Threshold is a complex MOBA mode with many activities. Even an experienced Caliber player will need time to learn all the mechanics and find their play style.

We decided to create the Tutorial. Completing it will help you feel more comfortable in Threshold.

The Tutorial is divided into two stages: the first one will have you learn the mode’s basics, and the second is about actually winning the battle. Your first victory in this mode will grant you 150 Coins.

You can play the Tutorial solo, or together with friends as a fireteam.


It will now take less time to capture the first two areas. We decided to speed up player progression towards the center of the map, where the real action takes place.


Right now, the servers simply earn you points. But we thought: «What if capturing them helped with recon?», and made some important changes.

After capturing a server, it will now have a «highlight area» that will inflict the Marked effect on enemies that enter it.

The smoke above the server is an indicator of its allegiance:

Gray smoke means neutral. The server belongs to no one.

Blue smoke means allied.

Red smoke means enemy.
  • A captured neutral server belongs to you for 3 minutes, or until the enemy captures it.
  • A captured enemy server belongs to you for 1 minute, or until the enemy recaptures it.
  • Servers can be recaptured indefinitely.
  • After the capture time runs out, the server resets. The reset takes 2 minutes. No side can capture it during this downtime.
  • Since the importance of the server has increased and it can now be recaptured, the number of points awarded for capturing it has been decreased to 150.
  • The servers have been moved to new locations, where the highlight areas will provide more useful information.



Sometimes, both teams are perfectly equal in skill, and thus neither is able to claim victory. After the timer runs out, a lot of time passes, and a draw is declared.

To remedy this, we decided to scrutinize the teams’ progress more closely:

  • There is now no limit on gaining points.
  • After the timer runs out, the victory is awarded to the team that has destroyed more AA systems.
  • If the number of destroyed AA systems is the same, then the victory goes to the team that earned the most points.


Since it will now be easier and faster to gain points, we’ll make several other changes.

  • The number of points required to access the Bomb will increase from 2,000 to 3,000.
  • The number of points required to access the Heavy Weapons Cache will increase from 3,000 to 4,000.
  • The minimum number of points needed for victory will increase from 5,000 to 6,000.
  • After gaining 6,000 points, the enemy’s AA systems will take 15 seconds fewer to explode.


The changes will be applied to all intel. Our goal is to make the hunt for intel remain relevant for the entire battle.

We’ve also paid special attention to the Rocketeer bot. He won’t be present among the neutral bots anymore, but he can be called to fight by your side.


At the Special Intel spawn point, you will now find the Grenadier kit. It’ll have to be delivered to one of the marked spots in order for the Rocketeer bot to assist you.

It’s not just a regular bot, either, but an officer with increased HP, damage, and armor, and even better aim. The neutral bots are so afraid of it that they won’t dare to attack it at all.

After getting the Grenadier kit, you’ll have to pick a line where your new ally will be the most help to you.

The Grenadier kit spawns on the map 240 seconds after the battle starts. There’s only one of them, too. Hurry to get the kit for yourself, and don’t let the enemy call a formidable ally to their aid!

After the Rocketeer bot is eliminated, the 240-second timer starts, and the Grenadier kit reappears on the map after it runs out.

If the enemy manages to call the Rocketeer bot to their side, try to eliminate it right away. And be on your guard: if you end up on the enemy’s side of the map, you’ll become a priority target for the bot.


Team intel will receive some significant changes.

Right now, it simply grants a lot of points, but it will become similar to Special Intel after the update. Special Intel will be removed from the mode.

What you’ll get if you bring Team intel to your base:

  • Enemies will be inflicted with the Marked effect for 1 minute.
  • You’ll gain 500 points.
  • Intel cooldown time: 240 seconds.

With this change, we advise against rushing into enemy territory at the start of the battle. It’d be better to pay attention to other map activities instead.


Common intel will now also respawn on the map. Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Destroyed all the AA systems and need some points to achieve victory? Common intel will help you reach this goal faster.


The behavior of bots will now become more predictable. Situations where a bot spawns very close to you will become less common.

  • Bots will now make better choices for their targets. These changes were made to prevent them from choosing faraway targets instead of ones nearby.
  • The priority for bot spawns is now far away from players, where possible. If there’s no distant spawn point, then bots can appear near a player, but the chances of that will be slim.
  • The neutral Rocketeer bot no longer spawns.
  • The neutral Sniper bot now spawns on one of two random lines and reappears 60 seconds after being eliminated.
  • Fixed the situation that caused certain map segments to run out of bots.
  • The Heavy Fighter bot has been buffed: movement speed increased by 10%, incoming damage decreased by 20%.
  • The Heavy Fighter now attacks targets within a 30-meter radius.


The recovery area will recover not just HP, but Armor as well: 5 AP per second.


We’ve also made changes to the mode’s maps: moved the player start points closer to the APC, changed the positions of some bots, closed off the area under the stairs and decreased the third capture area on one of the lines on Polar Station, and added several minor improvements to improve the gameplay.

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