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Spaceport Map: Features, Screenshots, and Video

Hello, everyone!

With the 0.23.2 update release, a brand new map is coming to Caliber: Spaceport. You can visit the launch site in Threshold, Showdown, Hacking, Annihilation, and Onslaught modes.


The launch site which was built during the Cold War for experimental launches.

After a while, the spaceport became abandoned. A small state of Isverden didn’t have resources to maintain the facility, let alone use it for its intended purpose.

In the 21st century, with the increased interest in the Arctic region, the spaceport was renovated and adapted for launching meteorological and geological exploration satellites.



The spaceport will meet you with two weather conditions: cloudy and the sun before the storm.



In the center of the map, there is a rocket on a launch pad and a service area.

  • In the PvP modes, players start their battles on the opposite sides of the map. The main battle zone is in the center.
  • There are two main lines: top and bottom. The top one will take you to a service tower, and the bottom one will take you under a launch shaft.
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