Hotfix 0.23.0 | Patch notes | Caliber is a team-based online game

Hotfix 0.23.0

During scheduled maintenance of Caliber servers, we implemented a number of changes and fixes to the game.

General changes
  • Corrected the vignette that appears when entering the enemy base in Threshold mode.
  • Player statistics: Fixed a bug that prevented filtering.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "Eliminate a bot affected by the Bleeding effect" objective from being marked as completed.
  • Palm Road map: Fixed incorrect display of fire effect.
  • Training mode: Fixed a bug that prevented the reward for initial completion from being displayed.
  • Oil Platform map, Ranked Battles: Hacking mode: Fixed a bug that made it impossible to climb over objects and jump down from elevations.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented operators from being displayed during the final cutscene.
  • Weekend mode category: Fixed a bug that made it impossible to cancel search. The bug occurred when a player initiated a search close to the end of Weekend mode.
  • Refined Formula skill: Fixed a bug that prevented the skill from recovering Stamina after reviving an ally.
Travnik, Alpha
Travnik, Alpha
  • Fixed a bug that prevented upgrade #13-2 from functioning correctly.
Maps, modes and bots
  • Caravanserai and Polar Station maps, Onslaught mode: Fixed a bug that caused the elimination targets to spawn in inaccessible spots.
  • Polar Station map, Threshold mode: Fixed a bug that prevented bots from leaving their spawn points.