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New Game Mode Onslaught: Rules and Rewards

With the update of Caliber to version 0.12.0, a new PVE mode, Onslaught, will appear in the game with rules, rewards, and features different from everything that was before.

What is the trick

The main feature of Onslaught is its replayability. Unlike Clearing and Special Operation, this mode has fewer predefined mission parameters: the order of objectives, the area of player spawn, the bots’ behavior — all this is not subject to strict rules but is shuffled among itself randomly.

The higher the difficulty, the more rounds and pace of developments options are in the match. And given the great variety of team composition with the existing pool of operators, the number of mission play variations and different situations on the battlefield grows to the extreme.

Because Onslaught is essentially a collection of random events, it will be easier to add various modifiers that change the gameplay. So events in Onslaught with various mutators are the next and relatively soon stage in the game mode development.

How to play

In short: a fireteam of four must fight off waves of bots and complete small objectives. The higher the difficulty, the more waves and challenges there are. Simple.

In a bit more depth: the match in Onslaught is divided into rounds, where each next round is more difficult than the previous one. The rounds alternate, changing the type of objective: in some, you need to complete random objectives; in others, to fight off the rush of advancing bots. The match always starts with a random objective. Then there is an enemy attack, then another objective, and so on until the end of the entire mission.

A defeat in Onslaught happens in two cases:

1. The players did not complete the objective within the allotted time.
2. The entire team was eliminated in the same round.

Onslaught has three difficulty modes: Fighter, Veteran, and Legend. They differ by the number and aggressiveness of bots, the number of rounds, waves of bots and enhanced opponents, and, of course, rewards in XP and credits.

The most challenging level of Onslaught is Legend. It has several features:

  • more opponents in each wave;
  • bots have more health points and higher damage;
  • more special opponents: Assaults, Chemists, Snipers, Grenadiers, Officers;
  • Elimination objective: you need not only to incapacitate but also to finish off the target;
  • Mine Defusing objective: the bomb-defusing takes longer;
  • Hacking objective: interaction with laptops takes more time;
  • less time is given to complete all objective;
  • Evacuation objective: the evacuation zone is guarded by a Heavy Fighter;
  • after being disabled, an operator is penalized with 10 health points.
Each new round begins with the operators revived, fully replenished Hit Points, and removed all penalties and boosts.


Each completed round of Onslaught brings rewards in credits and XP. Each next round is more profitable than the previous one. Each next level of difficulty brings more rewards for rounds and in total.

In the first two weeks after the mode launch, Onslaught will also host a game marathon. Exclusive rewards will be available in it: epic outfits, emblems, customization items. More details coming soon.

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