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Behind Enemy Lines Event: User's Manual

From August 25 to September 8, Caliber will host the Behind Enemy Lines game marathon in the new game mode Onslaught. This is a limited-time event in which all players who have reached the 5th account level can participate. The goal of marathon participants is to earn event currency and use it to buy unique items and advance in the ranking of the best players. Just like in previous marathons.

This marathon is dedicated to the new Onslaught mode. Read a short article about how the mode works, the differences in difficulty levels, and what rewards it promises.

Event Currency

During the Behind Enemy Lines event, two types of temporary currency are introduced into Caliber: Tokens and Tickets.

Tokens are the main Event Currency used to buy rewards. You can only earn Tokens in the Onslaught PvE mode.

Tickets are the currency that multiplies Token earnings tenfold. Tickets can be earned for every third victory in Clearing, Special Operation, Showdown, Frontline, and Hacking modes; received for completing a daily task, or bought for Coins in the Armory, the special event store.

You will be able to spend tokens for one more week after the end of the marathon. The Armory will be open until September 15th.

How to earn Tokens

Tokens are given as an additional reward for battles in the Onslaught mode. Their number depends on the chosen difficulty and how far the team of players has advanced in the match. The numbers of tokens for victories depending on the difficulty:

  • fighter difficulty: 6 Tokens;
  • veteran difficulty: 10 Tokens;
  • legend difficulty: 50 Tokens.

Then, a Ticket can increase the reward for winning tenfold. If a player has at least one Ticket, it is deducted from the account automatically after a victory in the match and multiplies the reward.

That is, with a Ticket, a victory in Onslaught will bring the player the following amounts of tokens:

  • fighter difficulty: 60 Tokens;
  • veteran difficulty: 100 Tokens;
  • legend difficulty: 500 Tokens.
If you desert from the battle, you will not earn Tokens regardless of the result of the match.

How to earn Tickets

Tickets are earned by one for every third victory in any game mode, except Onslaught and Prologue. Victories in modes stack. For example, you can win two Clearings and one Special Operation and get a Ticket. In addition, you will receive one Ticket for each completed daily task.

Tickets can also be purchased for Coins in the Armory. There they are sold in sets of 10 units.

Marathon Armory items

The main merchandise of the Behind Enemy Lines event, available with Tokens, are two Bully epic outfits for Sterling and Bishop, operators of the TFB collection. With them, the TFB collection gets a full set of epic outfits.

The TFB operators are the second to have a complete collection of epic outfits for all characters. The first was the SSO collection with the Paratrooper epic outfits, available from the League of Fire Battle Pass.
All Behind Enemy Lines rewards:

Bully epic outfits for the TFB collection operators Sterling, the Assault, and Bishop, the Support.

  • Haze and Deep Water camos.
  • Elevation HQ background.
  • Time is Short emote.
  • Need a Light?, Air Cover, Valiant Helper emblems.
All rewards of Behind Enemy Lines event are temporarily exclusive. They cannot be acquired in any other way for several months. However, the event store will be open for another week after the end of the marathon.
Event ranking

During Behind Enemy Lines marathon, all players automatically participate in the best players ranking according to the number of tokens earned. The minimum number of tokens required to get into the ranking is 1400.

The ranking takes into account the number of tokens earned by a player. That is, token expenses do not lower your position in the ranking in any way.

By earning tokens, the player moves up the ranking and receives rewards for new places: credits, free XP, days of Premium, experience and credits boosters, and coins. The award is credited instantly upon reaching any prize place.

Once on one of the three tops of the rating - thousandth, hundredth and tenth places, the player receives a unique event emblem:

  • the emblem for the top 10: Behind Enemy Lines: Saboteur;
  • the emblem for the top 100: Behind Enemy Lines: Scout;
  • the emblem for the top 1000: Behind Enemy Lines: Infiltrator.

The emblem for the top 1000: Behind Enemy Lines: Infiltrator.

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