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The Arystan сollection: equipment and origins

With the launch of The Wind From The East battle pass, Caliber introduces the operators from Arystan, a collection inspired by the eponymous special unit of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Before the release of the collection, we talked about the unique gameplay features of this unit. This material is devoted to the most curious items of equipment that Kazakh operators use both in Caliber and real life.

The word "arystan" means "lion" in Kazakh.

Arystan is an extremely secret unit. There is very little information about it, practically no documentary video recordings of the real work of the operators, as there is no data on the number, budget, and locations of this unit. Creating an authentic historical image of the collection, the artists of Caliber took as a basis the footage from the competitions dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Directorate A of the FSB Special Purpose Center.

Arystan was created in 1990 as a regional subdivision of the Alpha Group of the KGB of the USSR. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the regional division was disbanded, and Alpha Group became part of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Subsequently, the group was renamed into the Arystan service.

In Arystan’s arsenal, there is a wide variety of small arms and protective equipment. Here are just a few of them: the M4 carbine and the Corner Shot concealment targeting system, Milkor MGL revolving grenade launchers, precision sniper systems, ballistic shields, and other modern and internationally recognized weapon systems. Some of them are implemented in Caliber as items available to the players.

Beretta ARX-160 assault rifle

ARX-160 was created by the Italian company Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta Gardone as part of the promising Soldato Futuro (Future Soldier) program. This Italian rifle complex expands the capabilities to defeat the enemy using various technical means installed on the rifle.

The design of the assault rifle is based on modularity, quick barrel change, the ability to switch sides for case extraction, and the lightweight body made of highly durable plastic is equipped with Picatinny rails to accommodate various equipment. Initially, the ARX-160 was designed for 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition, but due to the design features, with the help of a special kit, it is possible to quickly install the barrel and chamber for 7.62×39mm ammo. In this case, Kalashnikov assault rifle magazines are used.

Vant-VM ballistic shield

Created by the well-known Russian company Fort Technology specializing in the design and manufacturing of personal armor and protection equipment. The ballistic shield is designed for assault operations.

It provides fairly high mobility and good protection against ammunition with heat-strengthened cores. Equipped with an armored visor, a carrying handle, a hook for attaching to the tactical vest, and a removable apron attached from the bottom, protecting ricochets and pistol bullets. Vant-VM can carry a system of flashlights, strobe lights, and video surveillance systems. This shield weighs 53 pounds and belongs to the 5A (roughly equal to the NIJ Class III) protection class.

Arystan’s baptism by fire
The most famous special operation performed by Arystan is the release of hostages in Shymkent in 1992. Six criminals escaped from a train en route from Tashkent to Samara. Then, within a few hours, one of them surrendered, one was detained, and two more were neutralized by the police. The remaining two repeat offenders hijacked a regular bus, took passengers hostage, and demanded a helicopter in which they were going to leave the country.

While the police were negotiating with the criminals and following the bus to the helicopter, Arystan rehearsed the assault in the car fleet of the nearest city. At the same time, a fake fence and a wooden shed were quickly erected at the airfield itself, behind which the special forces servicemen were supposed to be located. When the bus with the hostages came up with the shed, the driver braked, and operators burst into the bus through the broken windows. One of the criminals managed to wound the driver and was subsequently fatally wounded by a burst from an assault rifle; the second offender didn’t manage to react to the operators’ actions and was also eliminated.

The assault took four seconds.

KS-23 carbine

KS-23M, Karabin Spetsialny, was developed by the Special-Purpose Machinery R&D Institute of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs in the 70s of the last century as part of creating an effective weapon of selective action. The new product was provided with a large ammunition selection: flashbang, non-lethal, gas, buckshot, and special cartridges with pointed bullets for stopping vehicles. The choice of the tremendously large caliber of 23 millimeters was dictated by the desire of the designers to reduce the cost and simplify carbine production. For this purpose, lightweight GSh-23 aircraft cannon barrels were used.

According to GOST (Russian State Standard), 23mm weapons are considered small-caliber artillery.

KS-23M is equipped with a three-round tubular magazine, a removable stock, and a shock-absorbing butt plate. For shooting special grenades, 36mm and 82mm mortars are installed to the muzzle.

Zenturio TSO-ES-HP helmet and MP5 telescopic stock

Zenturio TSO-ES-HP helmet from the Austrian company Ulbricht. Made of titanium, it has impressive protection and weighs over 5.5 pounds. Due to the closed temporal and back parts, it provides a large area of ​​armor protection. The Zenturio is actively used by the law enforcement agencies of Germany and Austria.

The Zenturio is equipped with a removable armored visor, and it is for this reason Arystan uses an unusual folding telescopic stock on the MP5 submachine gun. This stock shape provides comfortable work with sights when a soldier is wearing a helmet with a face shield.

Ulbrichts AM 95

Another helmet from the Austrian company Ulbrichts, the predecessor of the Zenturio.

Because of its appearance, it is called the Ushastick (Big-Eared), but behind the funny design there is a technical requirement to protect the communication system, namely the headphones. The helmet is made of 4 mm titanium.

Weapons and sights of Arystan in Caliber

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