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Patch notes 0.12.1

Caliber update 0.12.1 will be available from September 22nd. With this update, the 3rd Ranked Battles season starts, the new map Crossing is introduced, and the Onslaught mode becomes available on two more maps, the now-unknown Crossing and the well-known Amal Harbor.



Adaptive armor. Skill no longer applies the Shielded effect if the operator is affected by a debuff that prevents them from receiving the Shielded effect.

22nd SpN

Support Kit

Fixed a bug that disables stun immunity when picking up a chemical case in Onslaught mode.


Support Sputnik

Added the Climber epic outfit. The epic outfit can be purchased with Tokens in the Ranked Armory starting on September 22nd.


Assault Corsair

Fixed a bug that caused the lens of the main weapon’s sight to shift in the Customization menu.

Marksman Scout

Fixed a typo in the description of the main weapon when using the Patriot legendary outfit.


Assault Rein

Dead Calm ability. Fixed a bug where the ability did not remove the positive effects of Bard (Inspiration) and Sterling (Unfinished Business). Also, the ability removes all positive effects imposed by Stern's Guardian ability, except for Shielded.

Marksman Kurt

Fixed incorrect display of text in the 6th upgrade Bolt Carrier Group Modification.


Assault Koszmar

Added the Liquidator epic outfit. The epic outfit can be purchased with Tokens in the Ranked Armory starting on September 22nd.

Added a unit of measure to the description of the 9th upgrade Increased damage of the special gear.


Assault Sterling

Added a missing unit of measure to the 8th upgrade description: Special trait: increased Hit Points after self-reviving.

Support Bishop

Fixed a bug of the operator’s head display in the Bully and Grizzly epic outfits.

Fixed incorrect primary weapon descriptions when using the Grizzly epic outfit.

Fixed incorrect display of text in the 10th upgrade Special trait: increased maximum rate of fire when continuously firing the machine gun.

Medic Watson

Fixed incorrect color of shell casings ejected when firing while using the Hooligan legendary outfit.


Medic Velour

Fixed a bug where the operator did not restore armor after picking up a bag while having a negative effect that prohibits treatment.


Support Hagana

Added information on reducing movement speed in the 9th upgrade Magazine conversion: 100-round box.


Fixed operator’s face color change when changing the camouflage in use.

Assault Mustang

Added units of measurement to the description of the 8th upgrade Duration of the Marked negative effect placed on the operator reduced.

Support Tibet

After the forced switching of weapons (for example, after using the reserve), the operator’s secondary weapons CZ-75 and Vant shield become active.

Medic Buggy

The models of main weapons magazines now match the number of rounds in the description.

Fixed incorrect position of the main weapon in hand with non-activated 7th upgrade Tactical foregrip bipod.

Fixed unit of measure in the 13th upgrade Increased damage of the ability effect.

Marksman Sultan

Changed the operator’s pose on the HQ screen: fixed the incorrect position of the hand on the weapon.

Maps, missions, and bots changes

Onslaught. Added the new map Amal Harbor.

Showdown, Hacking, and Onslaught. Added the new map Crossing.

Frontline. Added new times of day: dawn for Object 903, night for Al-Malik Hotel.

Improved the look of the rooms from which the bots exit.

Onslaught: Legend. The Fall Of The Colossus badge is now awarded for killing a heavy fighter.

All maps. Increased the height of covers where they did not hide the operators completely.

Onslaught: Legend. Added daily change of theater of operations in the mode (maps and bots).

Shopping Mall, Palm Road, and Hospital. Fixed incorrect display of glass and metal textures.


Added two terminals with the theater of operations choice for bots and three bot difficulty levels in the section with the training mission.


Prologue: Marksman. Fixed allied bots freeze at the end of the mission.

Prologue: Support. Fixed a collision of the window frame.

Prologue: Support. Fixed errors of interaction with covers at the beginning of the map.

Prologue. When leaving the parking lot, the armored van no longer loses the rear axle.

Prologue: Marksman. Fixed a bug where it was possible to walk through the glass on the hospital’s second floor.

Prologue. Adjusted the distance at which the ammo crate marker is displayed.

Prologue. Fixed a mismatch between the ability icons in the text tooltip and the operator’s ability.

Prologue. Fixed a bug where the operator dropped into the boxes.

Palm Road

Clearing, Special Operation. The area on the obstacles on which the bipod works is increased in the mission finale.

Clearing, Special Operation. Bots no longer try to hide behind non-existent covers.

Clearing, Special Operation. Improved lighting of bots on the roof.


Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a bug due to which all hostages could leave on the same transport.

All modes. Fixed sound and hit effects when shooting at a wooden door through a metal grate.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed falling of grenades and thrown objects through the foundation at the end of the mission.

Emir Residence

Clearing, Special Operation. Removed invisible wall on the descent to the final zone of the map.

Shopping Mall

Special Operation. Clearing. Fixed short-term rises and crouches for pilots during the defense.

All modes. Fixed the ability to get the free camera outside the map.


All modes. Removed invisible glass from the exploded armored car.


Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a bug where the support officer did not go to his position and blocked the mission.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a mismatch between the sound and hit effects when firing at a window.

Amal Harbor

Clearing, Special Operation. Removed the ability to jump under the map at the end of the mission.

Clearing, Special Operation. When interacting with a crate at the end of a mission, the crate model now updates correctly.

Clearing. Fixed a situation where a player could observe the closing of the gate that needs to be opened.

Clearing. Fixed being able to climb over the empty space next to cover.

Clearing, Special Operation. The sun glare is no longer visible through the concrete walls.

Clearing. Bots no longer run bumping up against obstacles.

Clearing, Special Operation. Bots will no longer climb over non-existent obstacles.

Al-Malik Hotel

Special Operation. Fixed a bug where the informant continued to repair the car if it was destroyed.

Clearing. Special Operation. Removed the invisible obstacle and fixed the inability to jump off the couch in the final part of the map.

Frontline. Showdown. Added missing collision for the roller.

All modes. Fixed inability to crawl between the building and the cover in the heavily wounded state.

Clearing, Special Operation. The shooter bot no longer takes a firing position behind a wall.

Frontline. Sniper and rocketeer bots no longer jump from their position in the center of the map.

All modes. Fixed collision of a dropped construction lamp: the lamp no longer interferes with the revival of wounded allies.

Object 903

Special Operation. Removed invisible wall after opening a gate.

Frontline. Bots no longer pass through pillars.

Clearing. Added intermediate task between data transfer and generator defense.

Frontline. Removed the ability to push through a wall.

All modes. Removed the chains hanging in the air.

Special Operation. Removed the ability to jump into a zone that is still inaccessible to the player.


Showdown. Removed the ability to get into the ammo box when climbing over the cover.

Clearing. Bots no longer pass through satellite antennas on building roofs.

Onslaught. Fixed a bug that led to the early completion of the mission while defusing the last bomb.

Onslaught. Fixed incorrect display of helicopter blades in the final cutscene.

Onslaught. Bricks no longer hang in the air after destroying a cover.

All modes. Fixed inconsistencies between sounds and visual effects when bullets hit some surfaces.

Special Operation. Fixed a bug where an enemy gunner bot covered by a crane could kill an engineer.

Clearing, Special Operation. Added boxes at the end of the mission so that the engineer does not lose Hit Points when jumping.

AI / Bots

Al-Thurir fighters from the Karkhad theater of operations are now armed with flashbang grenades applying the Stunned effect.

Increased the duration of buffs applied by officers to bots in Onslaught mode.

Changed the behavior of bots in Onslaught: now they can move to the target from more distant points.


Onslaught. Now the objective is hidden between rounds.

The indication of important messages during a battle has been changed: messages overlapping has been fixed.

Improved UI performance during combat.

Onslaught. Added icons for objectives.

Added a Don’t Ask Again checkbox when leaving the container with a selection of rewards.

In the Containers window, added information on how to obtain them.

Fixed a bug due to which the contents of the slot were not displayed when opening the container.

Onslaught. Fixed the icon of the chemicals case above the operator carrying it.

The notification about the change of round was moved up.

Changed the order of issuing training windows: at the 6th account level, the Emblems, Customization, and Legendary Outfits windows are now displayed; at the 7th level, the Medals, Animations, and Executions are shown.

Updated tutorials for Common Materials, Uncommon Materials, Rare Materials, and Very Rare Materials.

Updated information in the Ranked Leagues training window.

Replaced images on the anti-cheat loading and game login screens.

Added missing descriptions for containers issued upon reaching 60-80 account levels.

The ability to purchase boosters while searching for a match has been removed.


Changed the sound of bullets hitting tile floors.

Operators. Medics of Arystan collection Buggy and SSO collection Bard. Adjusted the reload sound of the main weapon.

Operators. 22 SpN Support Kit. Added sound of banner disappearing.

Container slots’ open sound now matches the duration of their opening.

Clearing, Special Operation. Dam. The sounds of the armored car now correctly follow the vehicle itself.

Clearing. Amal Harbor. Removed the hissing near the gate.

Vehicle explosions no longer sound muffled.

Clearing, Special Operation. Hospital. Fixed the sound of the engine running at the place where the vehicle had already left.

Added sounds of hitting new surfaces: bricks and logs.

Added new background music while loading Karkhad maps.


Added effects of hitting new surfaces: bricks and logs.


Improved animation of characters walking.

During laptop usage animations, the item in the operator’s hands no longer hangs in the air.

General Changes

Ranked Battles. A new season of Ranked Battles, Lead Harvest, has launched. Added a Season Task that gives Ranked Tokens for every fifth victory in the mode. The number of tokens issued is determined by the current league.

Ranked battles. Reduced the allowable spread between players’ leagues in fireteams and teams.

Now, in the matchmaking system, leagues are divided into two parts: the first part is in the range from rank V to III, and the second is from rank II to I. Restrictions have been introduced for fireteams: players can form a fireteam if they are no further than in adjacent parts of leagues. This rule applies to all leagues except the Diamond. The Diamond League is inseparable.

— When participating in Ranked Battles alone or as part of a fireteam, where the maximum rating spread does not go beyond one part of the league, you can search among players by the current and neighboring parts of the league.
— In the case of searching for a game as part of one fireteam, where all players are within the adjacent parts of the same league, a search is available among players throughout the current league. Also, if the players in the fireteam are in neighboring parts of different leagues, they can only search in these parts of the leagues.


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