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New Year in Caliber: event mechanics and gifts

Common Cause is an event the successful completion of which depends on each player. Nominally, it is the usual Battle Pass. Only it has common progress: each milestone is achieved by joint efforts, and each reward is awarded to all players.

There are 16 Common Cause awards in total. The most significant are: Frost Epic Outfit for Ded, the medic of Vympel, and a key for buying one — any one of your choice — operator of the Belarusian SSO collection.

The Common Cause event runs from December 15th to February 2nd. Can you make it in time?

All Common Cause awards
  • New Year 2022: Fireworks emblem
  • 30,000 credits
  • New Year 2022: Gingerbread camo for all operators
  • 50 reserves of each type
  • 10 containers with a random camo for an operator
  • 25,000 Free XP
  • Rockstar emote for all operators
  • 500 coins
  • New Year 2022: Reindeer camo for all operators
  • New Year 2022: Frost emblem
  • Crackling execution for all operators
  • 1000 coins
  • Key for purchasing a Belarussian SSO operator
  • Post-Soviet Blue HQ background
  • Frost Epic Outfit for Ded, the medic of Vympel
  • Recruiter container

How it works

For Common Cause to advance, players need to collect boxes of Christmas toys. Boxes appear after destroying bots in Clearing, Special Operation, Onslaught, and Frontline. The more difficult the mode, the more toys there are in the box.

Who the toys fall from:

Clearing, Special Operation, Onslaught: Assault, Gunner, Shooter, Officer;

Frontline: Assault and Officer;

Frontline and Onslaught on Legend difficulty: additionals from Juggernaut.

Depending on the mode, the number of toys in the box varies:

Clearing: 1 toy in a box per bot;

Special Operation: 2 toys in a box per bot;

Frontline: 1 toy in a box per bot and 30 toys per Juggernaut;

After destroying Juggernaut, the box does not drop. Players will see the gained 30 toys on the post-battle statistics screen.

Fighter Onslaught: 1 toy in a box per bot;

Veteran Onslaught: 2 toys in a box per bot;

Legend Onslaught: 3 toys per bot or Officer, 30 per Juggernaut.

In all modes except Legend Onslaught, there will be 20 bots carrying toys boxes. In the highest difficulty level of Onslaught, 30 bots carry toy boxes instead.

An important point! Regardless of who took them, gathered toys are credited to all players. That is, if you go through the Clearing with four people and pick up all 20 boxes, 80 toys will go to Common Cause.

If a player has a Premium account, they will double the toys they earned and add them to Common Cause.

Where else to get toys

In contracts

During the Common Cause event, three new bounties will appear. Completing each will earn 25 toys.

Contracts need any 4 operators to complete. The duration of contracts for toys is 8 hours, and their update time is also 8 hours.

The difference between the contracts lies only in the currency and the launch cost: one will cost 1000 Credits, the second 10,000 Free XP, and the third 50 very rare materials.

Don’t forget to return to the game to collect completed Contracts rewards!
In tasks

Daily and weekly tasks, as well as the Special Operation task will also bring toys to the Common Cause.

In the store

Christmas toys can be bought at the New Year showcase and in the Ranked Armory.

Christmas rating

During the Common Cause event, all players automatically participate in the rating of the best players by the number of toys earned. To get into the rating, you need to earn at least 2,000 toys.

The rating takes into account the number of toys credited to a personal account for battles.

By earning Tokens, the player moves up the rating and receives rewards for new places: Credits, Free XP, premium account days. The reward is credited instantly upon reaching any prize place.

Once on one of the three tops of the rating: thousandth, hundredth, and tenth places, the player receives a unique event emblem:

  • Emblem for the top 1000: New Year rating 2022: Gatherer;
  • Emblem for the top 100: New Year rating 2022: Go-getter;
  • Emblem for the top 10: New Year rating 2022: Toy Master.

We’ll also have fireworks!

Well, what New Year can go without fireworks? Not ours!

Each player can launch real holiday fireworks on the entire server!

Three types of fireworks can be found in the New Year showcase: one-color, multi-colored, and personalized. When buying, any of them falls into the general queue and starts as soon as its time comes. And the personalized firework is also accompanied by the nickname of the player who launched it and a New Year message from him.

Happy holidays! See you in battle!

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