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Patch notes 0.13.0

The massive New Year’s Eve version 0.13.0 of Caliber brings an enormous amount of content, innovations, and changes. There is a new collection of operators and a rebalance of old ones, a new map, a New Year event with cool rewards, a new season of Ranked Battles with new rules, and much more.

One of the most widely read sections on Caliber’s website, the Patch Note, is in front of you.


Added operators of the Belarusian SSO collection.

The Arystan collection is available in the game client for Coins.

Fixed increased mouse sensitivity under Travnik's and Shersheret's healing effects, Komar's mark from the Eleron drone, when in smoke, and receiving damage, as well as with the Blood rage VII skill activated.


Fixed a bug due to which the Ambush skill was not activated if the player was revived after death with the Ambush skill working.

Combat medicine:
— in the skill description, the unit of measurement is stamina points per second now;
— the rate of stamina recovery bonus is increased to 1 Stamina Point per second.

22nd SpN

Support Kit

Upgrade 8: Special trait: the operator is immune to the Stunned effect while laying down continuous fire:
— the number of shots required to obtain immunity has been reduced;
— it is now easier to maintain immunity with less active shooting.

Upgrade 13: Shortened barrel:
— the number of shots required to obtain immunity has been reduced;
— decreased the multiplier to vertical recoil when the enhancement is activated: from 20% to 10%.

Assault Plut

Primary weapon A545:
— the recoil multiplier of the first shot has been significantly reduced;
— reduced vertical recoil in modes without sight by 20%.

Marksman Tien

Operator Upgrade 14 clarified the increase in stamina recovery. Stamina is indicated to recover 0.5 points faster.


Assault Voron

Preventive Action ability:
— Changed mechanics of stamina loss by the enemy under the Exhausted effect. Stamina is now removed with every hit.
— Tweaked the amount of stamina lost: now the enemy loses 14 stamina points per hit.

Added the sentence Stamina points are removed from the enemy with each hit on them to the ability description.


Assault Volk

— Reduced the speed of sprinting from 5.5 meters per second to 5.2 meters per second.

— Increased the base cost of sprinting from 10 stamina points per second to 11 stamina points per second.

Support Almaz

Fixed description for special gear GM-94.

Medic Ded

Added the Frost epic outfit (can be obtained in the Common Cause event).

Marksman Strelok

Added the Renegade epic outfit (can be obtained from the 4th Ranked Season Armory).


Assault Corsair

Special gear C4
— Increased the flight speed of the explosive package from 10 to 20 meters per second. Now the blast pack flies faster and further.

Fixed sound of special gear using. The sound of pulling the pin was played before.

Support Bourbon

Primary weapon machine gun MK48
-Increased vertical recoil by 10%.

Upgrade 4 Vertical Tactical Grip:
— Removed the decrease in dispersion in motion; now, the handle only affects the recoil of the main weapon MK48.
— The projectile trajectory has been lowered to match the rest of the grenade launchers in the game.

Upgrade 7 and 15 added information about the range of the Crackdown ability enhancement.

Added information about Trapped immunity in upgrade 15.

Fixed the name of the secondary weapon.

Medic Monk

The ability has been fixed: now, an ally incapacitated during the healing effect of the Injection ability is awake longer and moves faster.

Marksman Scout

Increased base cost of Sprinting from 14 stamina points per second to 16 stamina points per second.

Reduced speed of Sprinting: from 4.8 meters per second to 4.7 meters per second.

Upgrade 9: Special trait: enemies within the ability’s area of effect — now is 25%.

The description of the 15th improvement has been corrected: the correct weapon class is indicated.

Fixed the name of the secondary weapon.


Assault Perun

Increased base armor from 20 to 40 Armor Points.

Piercing Shots now has a base damage bonus of 20%, and when fully upgraded, the bonus becomes 50%.

Added information about increased reload speed to the ability description.

Support Svarog

Added Alatyr epic outfit (can be obtained from the 4th Ranked Season armory).

In the description of Upgrade 11, information about increased reload speed was added. It is indicated that it will increase by 50%.

Medic Travnik

Field Dressing ability: The base cost of activating the ability has been reduced from 10 stamina points to 8 stamina points.

Primary weapon submachine gun MP9: the recoil pattern has been changed. The weapon moves to the left and upwards while shooting, and the random horizontal spread is halved. The changes made shooting much more predictable.


Support Stern

Added information about immunity to the Trapped effect in the Upgrade 9.


Assault Koszmar

Increased speed of Sprinting: from 5.2 to 5.3 meters per second.

Primary weapon assault rifle HK416 A5:
— Increased effective shooting range by 10%.

Special gear HK69A1:
— Increased reload speed: from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds.

Shooting with an activated ability no longer removes the bipod effect from enemies.

Support Prorok

Increased movement speed: from 3.2 to 3.4 meters per second.

Increased speed of Sprinting: from 4.5 to 4.6 meters per second.

Replaced Upgrade 13 with Special trait: while the ability is active, allies in the area of effect can see through smoke. The radius is 8 meters.

Upgrade 9: Increased area of ​​effect for smokescreen created by the ability: the upgrade increases the radius further, from 2 meters to 2.5 meters.

Medic Mikołaj

In the description of Upgrade 11, information about increased reload speed was added. It is indicated that it will increase by 50%.

Marksman Stylet

Fixed description of the ability: damage per second now indicated.


Assault Sterling

Added information about Trapped immunity in upgrade 10.

Support Bishop

Primary weapon L110A1 light machine gun
— Increased base maximum rate of fire: from 10 to 11 shots per second.
— Increased headshot damage: from 22 to 25.
— Increased vertical recoil by 45%.
— The speed of the reticle size recovery after a scatter has been increased by 3 times.

Replaced Upgrade 12: Increases the ability’s area of ​​effect with Special trait: executing an enemy replenishes operator’s primary weapon ammo by 50 rounds.

Jammer ability. Reduced the base activation cost of the ability from 55 stamina points to 45 stamina points.

Medic Watson

Increased movement speed: from 3.2 to 3.5 meters per second.

Primary weapon L74A2 shotgun: increased rate of fire from 1.5 shots per second to 1.7 shots per second.

Special gear Laser Trap Mine:
— Increased damage from 80 to 100.
— Effective firing distance increased to 30%.

Fixed information about the type of sight in the Uprade 7.

Description of the Upgrade 15 has been updated.

Fixed sound of special gear using.

Marksman Archer

Primary weapon M95 sniper rifle:
— Increased damage: from 115 to 135.
— Reduced bullet velocity by 25%.
— Increased base armor penetration: from 80% to 90%.
— Increased duration of camera movement when entering the scope mode in standing and sitting states.

Replaced Upgrade 8: Armor-piercing ammunition with Ability damage increase: +25 damage from the ability, ability duration decrease: −2 seconds.

Fixed errors in the description of operator upgrades.


Support Bastion

Fixed a bug due to which Bastion with the activated Silent Warrior skill did not increase the damage if he switched to the secondary weapon.

Medic Velour

Patch ability: increased base heal amount from 30 to 45 health points.

Marksman Vagabond

Primary weapon FR2 sniper rifle:
— Increased bullet velocity by 10%

Fragmented Bullets ability:
— Increased the maximum number of targets hit: from 2 to 3.
— Increased base ability duration: from 8 to 10 seconds.

Special gear Parkan:
— Increased movement speed: from 4.8 to 5.2 meters per second.
— Increased target search radius: from 30 to 40 meters.
— Can no longer be destroyed by Rein’s ability.
— Increased trigger radius of stun: from 2.6 to 2.8 meters.
— Increased base durability: from 60 to 70.

Fixed the description of the main ability and special gear.


Added Harpy legendary outfits to the Nesher collection.

Assault Aphela

Fixed the text in the description of the ability.

Support Hagana

Primary weapon Negev SF
-Improved the dynamics of shooting. Weapon behavior in aiming mode during and after shooting has become smoother.

— Increased movement speed: from 3.4 to 3.6 meters per second.
— Increased speed of Sprinting: from 4.5 to 4.7 meters per second.

Turret ability:
— Increased damage: from 10 to 14.
— Increased the radius of damage: from 60 to 70 meters.
— Effective shooting range increased by 20%.
— Increased base durability from 40 to 110.

Upgrade 7: Turret durability increase: durability bonus increased from 20 to 30.

Medic Shersheret

Chain ability:
— Increased the base range of the ability: from 6 to 7 meters.

Upgrade 11: An ally affected by the Link effect takes reduced bullet damage — now additionally protects from explosions.

Upgrade 3: Increased effective range
— Additional range increased from 2 to 3 meters.

Fixed Ammunition Pouch special gear. Now you can replenish ammo if only a secondary weapon needs it.


Support Matador

Reduced the speed of Sprinting: from 4.7 to 4.5 meters per second.

Upgrade 15: Special trait: while the ability is active, hits from the machine gun Slow the target is changed to Special trait: while the ability is active, hits from the machine gun Exhaust the target. The target loses 8 Stamina Points per hit.

Dense Fire ability:
— Reduced the firing accuracy while the ability is active without using the bipod by 15%.
— Increased the cost of activating the ability: from 70 to 80 stamina points.

Medic Miguel

Primary weapon M4 Super 90:
— Reduced effective firing range by 20%.
— Increased the minimum and maximum spread by 10%.

Medical Drone ability:
— Reduced the duration of the ability: from 55 to 50 seconds.
— Increased the duration of the ability cooldown: from 20 to 25 seconds.

Marksman Diablo

Fixed the ability description.


Assault Mustang

— Reduced the speed of Sprinting: from 5.5 to 5.4 meters per second.
— Increased base cost of Sprinting from 10 to 11 stamina points per second.

Primary weapon assault rifle ARX160
-Increased vertical recoil by 10%.

Radar ability:
— Increased activation cost: from 60 to 80 stamina points.
— Increased the duration of the ability cooldown: from 35 to 45 seconds.

Special gear GLX160:
— Slowed down the tracers of bullets for better visualization of shooting.
— Reduced armor penetration: from 50% to 40%.
— Fixed display of damage in the interface.

Support Tibet

In Upgrade 6, added information of by how much gas damage is reduced.

The description of the Shielded effect in the ability has been adjusted to match that of other operators who can get the same effect.

Medic Buggy

Changed description of Upgrade 8 to clarify how much health regeneration increases when using the ability.

Marksman Sultan

Cover ability:
— Hits on an enemy have an additional effect: if the enemy is incapacitated during the effect, they will not be able to move while Hard Wounded.

Upgrade 9: headshots from the primary weapon while the ability is active restore Hit Points to allies in the radius around the operator replaced with Special trait: while the ability is active, headshots from the primary weapon place the Inspired effect.

Fixed the bug when, while the Cover ability is activated, hitting an enemy with the Shielded effect did not remove the Shielded effect.

Fixed a bug where removing the Shielded effect while the Cover ability is activated did not remove the headshot damage resistance.


Maps, missions, and bots changes

The Hacking mode switches from the Standard PVP mode to a special mode for the Ranked Battle IV season.

For Ranked Battles in Hacking mode, the following rules have been changed:

— a battle on one map lasts up to 5 wins of one of the teams;
— side switching occurs every 3 rounds;
— when switching sides, operators do not replenish ammunition, stamina, and special gear;
— destroyed objects are restored on the map every side switch;
— ammo boxes are updated every 8 minutes;
— included friendly fire and penalties for it;
— armor is not restored between rounds;
— there is a penalty for death: if a player is in the Incapacitated state, then after revival their maximum hit points will be reduced by 10 until the end of the round.

List of maps on which Ranked Battles will take place in Hacking mode:
— Caravanserai (all variations);
— Village (all variations);
— Hospital (all variations);
— Ferry (all variations);
— Depot (all variations).

Added Depot map (Onslaught, Frontline, Showdown, Hacking).

Clearing, Special Operation. Increased the durability of destroyed objects required for completing missions.

Clearing, Special Operation. Increased the amount of health and armor for allied bots.


Fixed disappearing objects on the Polygon.

Palm Road

All modes. Fixed incorrect lighting on the wall.

All modes. Added textures for ventilation grills.

All modes. Fixed a truck semi-trailer disappearing when moving away.

All modes. Fixed the executed operators falling under the map.

All modes. Fixed movement between the post and the cover: an operator in the Incapacitated state can now crawl between them.

All modes. Fixed the ability to get the free camera outside the map.

All modes. Fixed places where dropped items could fall through textures.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed climbing area.


Onslaught. Fixed bots not leaving spawn rooms.

All modes. On the second floor (exit to the balcony), a collision of the doorway has been fixed.

All modes. Fixed the joint of the walls; there is no gap anymore.

All modes. Spotlight no longer passes through the wall.

Emir Residence

Special Operation. Fixed a spot under the stairs where you could get stuck between the wall and the ammo box.

Shopping Mall

All modes. Fixed flickering texture on the second floor.

All modes. Fixed a shop window on the second floor: special gear no longer pass through it.

Special operation. Fixed a bug where the mission becomes impossible to complete if you reach the pilot call button without killing all the bots at the device.


Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the floor texture in the final part.

Clearing. Special Operation. Fixed the places where the Kit’s mine was failing through the floor.

Added Onslaught mode to Village map.

Amal Harbor

Showdown. Fixed the invisible rise.

Onslaught. Fixed bots that climbed over invisible obstacles instead of jumping down.

All modes. Fixed places in which it was possible to get under the map.

Clearing. Fixed the bot that went out of the play area.

Al-Malik Hotel

All modes. Fixed the tire jumping onto which the operator did not get into its geometry.

All modes. Fixed flickering textures in the hotel lobby.

Clearing. Fixed being able to get into a locked container.

Object 903

Onslaught. The drone no longer clings to invisible objects in control room.

Onslaught. Fixed bots freezing in their spawn rooms during the server defense phase.

All modes. Fixed places where you could see through walls.


Special Operation. Fixed disappearing textures when rotating the camera.

Replays. Dam. The ability to fly out of the map has been removed.

All modes. Thrown items no longer fall through the roof of the building.

All modes. The body color of the van no longer changes with distance.

Clearing, Special Operation, Onslaught. Fixed the height of the ceiling in the enemy spawn room.


Onslaught. Fixed being able to climb the air.

Hacking. Fixed the duration of the victorious cutscene.

Reduced slowing of operators and bots in water to 20%.

Onslaught, Showdown. Removed the ability to get under the map at the ammo box in the rocks.

All modes. Fixed collision size for an object next to the bridge.

Onslaught. Fixed the explosive barrel. You cannot get inside the barrel anymore.

AI / Bots

Removed the collimator sight from the weapon model of Karkhad theater of operations assault bots.


Fixed a typo in the description of First Steps emblem.

Emblems. Added descriptions to some of the emblems.


Frontline. Destroyed enemies statistics are now split into two categories: bots and players.

All modes. When opening the menu with the ESC key during a match, you can now see the battle timer.

Added the ability to purchase HQ background Winter for Coins.

Fixed a bug that prevented Prologue from starting if the selected operator had the In Battle status.

Fixed display of reward with Credits in the Hardened Warrior special offer.

All modes. Compass. Added markers to destroyable objects.

The reward for completed tasks is automatically credited when changing daily tasks.

Changed the look of Materials Containers from special offers.

Onslaught. Amal Harbor. Fixed minimap on the loading screen, added objects.

Added Сontracts with rewards in New Year toys.


Fixed the sound of stun grenades on alternate operator outfits.

Fixed the sound of stunning from the stun grenades of the Assault bots.

Zalessye TO. Loading screen. Added additional musical composition.

General Changes

All modes. The system of a progressive scale of penalties for premature exit from the battle is included.

Replays. Added a replay duration indicator and the current and total replay times.

Added a new compensation system. If a player receives a personalization item or an operator that they already have, they receive a new currency called Fragments. Fragment compensation does not apply to purchases from the site, as well as — in rare cases — to prize crediting to the account.

Start of the Common Cause event.

Start of the Ranked Battle IV season Operation Icebreaker.

Reduced rating points in the new ranked season depending on the rating points in the previous season.

Fixed the number of materials in the Carte Blanche special offer to be enough for upgrading an operator.

Changed the number of RPs required to reach the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond league ranks. To move to a new rank of Silver, you need 3 victories, and in Gold and Platinum leagues — 4 victories.

Containers with legendary outfits for reward in Platinum and Diamond leagues content changed. Now you can select the reward in the Containers, but Fragments will be awarded as compensation.

Containers’ with epic outfits and operators in special offers content changed.


Selfie emote: fixed position of the phone


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