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Twitch Drops: gifts and instructions

The second Twitch Drops campaign begins in Caliber!

From May 1st to 10th, watch live broadcasts of Caliber on the Twitch streaming platform and receive valuable gifts: in-game items, Premium days, a epic outfit, and other.

Twitch Drops are a tribute to viewers watching Twitch streams of the game of choice. To join the program as a viewer, link your Twitch account to your Caliber account on our website. After that, start watching streams in the Caliber section.

Full list of rewards is available at the special page.

While on the stream, the authors of which are connected to Twitch Drops, viewers receive gifts for a certain viewing time. Progress persists throughout the campaign.

To see if Twitch Drops are streaming live right now, click here.

We have prepared a step-by-step registration guide for those who will join the Twitch platform for the first time.

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