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Defense mode: Rules and Tips

Victory Day 2022 holiday event became available to all our players in version 0.15.0. It includes a new temporary PvE game mode Defense and a special collection of Red Army operators for it.

Operators’ roles are pretty standard: assault, support, medic and sniper. But every operator has some special features used during the mission or when preparing for it.

Preparing for Defense


There are unique reserves used in the new game mode only:

  • Morphine — just like adrenaline shot but can be used on yourself or on an ally.
  • Water Supply — boosts the Valor rewards. You can use Valor to purchase Field Bonuses and repair the radio.
  • Field Bonus — spawns random Field Bonus.
  • Shooter’s Handbook — boosts operator’s progress until next level.

Defense Reserves cannot be purchased like usual. You can get them by completing daily tasks or buy in the Special Offers showcase (available from the second week of the event).Every daily task will bring you two random reserves — one you can claim for free and the other can be purchased for Red Stars.

You can learn more about the Common Cause in this article

Defense mode is available only for the Red Army collection. These operatives will be available only during the event. Red Army operatives can be progressed up to 5th level.

The Red Army collection operatives have Special traits that can be leveled up in combat. Every operative has his unique Special trait which has three levels of progress. The first two levels boost the trait, the last unlock a new gameplay feature for the operative.


All Red Army operatives can fight in melee. Press V (default button) to hit the enemy with a bayonet or gun butt.

All Victory Day emotes are unlocked for the Red Army operatives. Use them to bring additional WWII flavor in your matches!

The Defense

All Defense matches take place on the modified Crossing map in the summer of 1943.

What was happening in Komarovo in 1943
Summer of 1943. Somewhere near Kursk.

With a sudden strike, German troops broke through the front line. A divisional field hospital remains on the attackers’ way. Its evacuation requires time, and the attackers have only a few kilometers to cross before approaching. A few wounded able to bear arms volunteered for the suicide mission: to distract the advancing Germans and, as far as possible, keep them from taking over the hospital.

The ruins of an old fortress, which previously housed the division headquarters, were chosen as a stronghold. The HQ managed to evacuate but left some property behind. Among it, the four brave volunteers discovered a damaged radio station.

This new mode in PvE where players need to defend the radio, complete some secondary objectives and evacuate successfully.

The main objective is to defend the radio and the radio’s antenna. Nazis will try to destroy these assets. The radio is hidden on the ground floor of the old fortress and the antenna is on the roof above.

The radio and the antenna have a common lifebar. If it reaches zero, the mission will fail.
Field Bonuses in Defense

Field Bonuses are single-use power-ups. You can get them three different ways:

  • Give your operative a Field Bonus reserve before the match.
  • Purchase for Valor points in the fortress.
  • Complete the optional task. Secondary objectives unlocks new types of Field Bonuses to purchase in the fortress, also you can get bonus by eliminating the Nazi officer.
Field Bonuses effects
Demoralization. Enemy soldiers lose all armor, get penalty to accuracy and receive 30% more damage for 120 seconds. Bots spawned during the bonus are also affected.

Medipack. All operatives restore 12 HP per second during the next 15 seconds and get 75 HP Shield.

Survival Kit. All operatives get 50% damage resistance and immunity to burning for 40 seconds.

Second Wind. All operatives move faster for 60 seconds and restore 15 stamina points per second for 30 seconds.

Weapons Adaptation. All operatives get the Focus effect for 60 seconds, their rate of fire and reload speed are increased, recoil and bullet spread are decreased.

Special Gear Supply. Refills ammo and special gear for all operatives.
Secondary Objectives

During both rounds of defense players can complete up to four secondary objectives (two in each of the rounds). Completing it will give players some benefits, failing some objectives will make the defense harder.

There are nine types on secondary objectives:

Rescue the crashed pilot.

  • Reward: ally bot defending the antenna.

Rescue POW.

  • Reward: ally who dispenses ammo for primary and secondary weapon.

Eliminate enemy officer.

  • Reward: Demoralization Field Bonus. 
  • If failed: additional enemy reinforcements.

Capture or destroy enemy radio.

  • If failed: the fortress is shelled by enemy artillery.

Eliminate enemy saboteurs.

  • If failed: Field Bonuses are temporarily unavailable.

Eliminate enemy recon

  • If failed: additional enemy reinforcements.

Get the lost supplies

  • Reward: Field Bonus ‘Weapons Adaptation’ became available.

Capture the enemy supplies

  • Reward: Field Bonus ‘Special Gear Supply’ became available.

Capture some meds

  • Reward: Field Bonus ‘Medipack’ became available.


Last stage of Defense is the evacuation. Players get coordinates of the extraction point where a T-34 tank will wait for them. Every player must confirm evacuation by pressing the action key near the tank.

Powerful enemies will attack the team during the evacuation phase.

Players who are incapacitated or did not confirm the evacuation will not receive additional Red Stars after the match.

Play Defense, earn Red Stars, complete the Common Cause with other players! Plentiful prizes and a new game experience awaits!

See you in battle!

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