December 22nd hotfix | News | Caliber is a team-based online game
December 22nd hotfix

During scheduled maintenance work on Caliber servers on December 22nd, we made several minor changes and fixes to the game.

General changes

Mayhem event started in Onslaught mode, where the number of toys in boxes was increased 10 times (except for Juggernaut, 30 toys are still credited for him).

Depot map appears more often in all modes.

Fixed a bug due to which players who reached the 11th account level did not receive rewards for the completed stages of the Common Cause event.

Amal Harbor has been temporarily removed from the Special Operations rotation.

The number of toys that players can purchase with Tokens has been increased to 40 pieces in Ranked Battles.

Fixed the error appearance when buying camouflages Kilt for Bard and British Desert for Tien on the Fragment Exchange showcase.


Showdown. Village, Amal Harbor. Fixed the behavior of the helicopter flying over the location where one of the teams spawns: it doesn’t do somersaults anymore 

Special Operation. Amal Harbor. Now, the poisoning effect disappears after passing the hangar.

Special Operation. Amal Harbor. Increased the durability value of terminals in proportion to destructible objects in other modes and maps.

Onslaught. Amal Harbor. Fixed a bug where jumping over an obstacle led to moving into a closed container.

All modes. Depot. Fixed display of bullet holes on glass.

Clearing, Special Operation. Al-Malik Hotel. Fixed a bug when a bot immediately left in a car without repairing it.

Special Operation. Object 903. Fixed calculation of rewards in case of defeat.

Onslaught. Dam. Fixed the appearance of the Climb and Jump indicators in places where these actions are not provided.

Clearing, Special Operation. Shopping Mall. Fixed a bug when bots did not drop toy boxes on a map with alternative lighting.

All modes. Village. Fixed the cover that characters could move through.

Onslaught. Village. Fixed a bug due to which toy boxes were out of the players’ reach.


Hagana, Nesher Support. Fixed the position of the ammo box on the main weapon.

All operators. Fixed the size of the primary weapons and the special gear in the Customization window.

Aphela, Nesher Assault. Fixed the primary weapon’s magazine’s position and the weapon’s position in the Customization window.

Strelok, Vympel Marksman. A unique firing sound has been added to Val primary weapon.

Vagabond, RAID Marksman. Stats description has been corrected.

Added Marked immunity information to all operators equipped with smoke projectiles.

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