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Mayhem in Onslaught: Fun and 10x More Toys

We continue the New Year's fun in Caliber! Next in line is the Mayhem event in Onslaught, where you can earn 10 times more toys for the Common Cause!

From December 22 to December 29, play Onslaught with new rules and earn 10x more toys. The illustration shows the number of toys during Mayhem when the match is successfully completed by a team of 4 people playing without Premium accounts.

During the Onslaught event on Legend difficulty, eliminating Juggernaut brings the same number of toys, 30 pieces.
Mayhem changes the rules of Onslaught a bit:

1. Disabled restrictions on the use of special gear. In other words, you can shoot the grenade launcher as much as you like. And to provide this opportunity, combined ammunition replenishment boxes with cartridges and rounds for special equipment will appear on the maps.

2. During Mayhem, the amount of health restored between rounds will change. The restored Hit Points are added to the remaining:

  • On Fighter difficulty, 75% of operator's maximum health will be added.
  • On Veteran difficulty, 50% of operator's maximum health.
  • On Legend difficulty, Hit Points will be fully restored between rounds.

3. Increased cooldown of ammunition crates will be in effect in Mayhem:

  • On Fighter difficulty, crates regeneration takes 70 seconds.
  • On Veteran difficulty, 80 seconds.
  • On Legend difficulty, 90 seconds.
You can read about what the Onslaught mode is and why you need to collect toys in Caliber in the corresponding materials.

New Onslaught Mode: Rules and Rewards.

Common Cause: rules and rewards for the New Year’s event.

See you in battle!

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