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Update 0.16.0: patch note

Caliber version 0.16.0 brings many novelties. Among them, the new collection of operators made in China, the new map Radar with alternative lighting, a Battle Pass with the new set of rules, and a Ranked Season in Showdown mode. But that's not everything.

Check out the full change list, be well informed, and, of course, see you in battle!

General Changes
Optimized the combat UI improving the average framerate on PCs that meet the game's system requirements.

Fixed bugs that caused memory leaks.

Added the Battle Pass Gallery. Previous Battle Passes will become available for play at a later date.

Added a showcase with personalization items and rotation of operators for Credits on the Store main page in the game client.

Added an extra operator’s profitability bonus for purchasing the second and subsequent Legendary Outfits:
— +10% XP and Credits per battle;
— +5% XP in contracts.

Increased the profitability bonus when using boosters:
— experience Booster gives +120% XP from net battle rewards;
— credits Booster gives +150% Credits from net battle rewards.
— boosters can no longer be purchased from the Progress Boost showcase.

Increased the amount of Stamina that must be restored to yourself or an ally in order to receive an Inspiration badge: now it is 120 Stamina Points.

Added Jiaolong (China) operator collection.

Removed the damage reduction at a distance when a silencer is used for all operators.

Now it is possible to attach those special gear that were attached to allies to the operator by ricochetting them from the wall.

Changed the rules for activating reserves.

Added animation: now the operator lowers the weapon while standing close to the wall.

Items attached to the operator model no longer prevent them from using throwable items.


Good R&R: expanded the list of effects that the skill gives immunity to.

Counterattack: skill description updated (how the skill functions was not changed).

— skill description updated (how the skill functions was not changed);
— fixed incorrect skill triggering for operators that apply the Marked effect to enemies.


Added Max Snappy outfit for Recruit Assault.

Recruits have access to the Accordion, Melodic Song. and Lure emotes.

22nd SpN

Assault Plut

F-1 special gear: fuse time reduced from 2.8 to 2.2 seconds.

Upgrade 12: Special trait: targets affected by the special gear suffer from Bleeding: increased damage per second from 3 to 8.

Frontline. When bots destroy a target with the Sabotage ability, the opposing team is no longer marked with the Marked effect.

Support Kit

OZM-72 special gear: increased armor penetration from 60% to 85%.

Marksman Tien

Fixed handgun position in the holster of the Standard-Bearer outfit.


Marksman Komar

Increased Movement speed while walking from 3.0 to 3.5 meters per second.

Increased Movement speed while crouching from 1.0 to 1.6 meters per second.

Increased Sprinting speed from 4.5 to 4.8 meters per second.

Increased basic Armor from 20 to 40 points.

Piercing Shot ability:
— decreased the base duration of the ability cooldown from 29 to 22 seconds;
— decreased the base ability activation cost from 65 to 55 Stamina Points.

Upgrade 7: Special trait: increased damage done by the TRG-22 rifle for a short period of time after headshotting an enemy:
— increased effect duration from 5 to 6 seconds;
— bonus Damage increased from 20% to 30%.


Marksman Strelok

RGO special gear:
— damage decreased from 150 to 130;
— increased base flight speed.

Upgrade 7: Special trait: faster reload of any weapon after eliminating an enemy: replaced the buff icon.

Adjusted the Range parameter in the operator rose of info.


Assault Corsair

Added Jolly Roger Epic Outfit.

Medic Monk

Increased basic health from 90 to 100 points.

MP7A2 primary weapon: reduced armor penetration from 60% to 40%.

Upgrade 14: base health increase replaced with a special trait: the ability can be applied to enemies. Applied ability makes the enemy Exhausted and Slowed, and increases their incoming damage.

Marksman Scout

M18A1 Claymore special gear: decreased deployment duration from 3.0 to 1.5 seconds.


Assault Perun

Zarya-2 special gear: reduced activation delay from 3 to 2 seconds.

Support Svarog

Suppressive Fire primary ability: base ability cooldown prolonged from 10 to 20 seconds.

Medic Travnik

Zarya-2 special gear: reduced activation delay from 3 to 2 seconds.

Marksman Sokol

Reduced Sprinting cost from 12 to 10 Stamina Points per second.

AWSM primary weapon:
— increased Headshot damage from 158 to 165;
— increased basic ammunition load from 3 to 4 magazines.


Marksman Kurt

Reduced Sprinting cost from 12 to 10 stamina points per second.

G22 primary weapon: increased Headshot damage from 140 to 160.

M18A1 Claymore special gear: decreased deployment duration from 3.0 to 1.5 seconds.


Medic Mikołaj

P1A6 special gear: reduced activation delay from 3 to 2 seconds.

Marksman Sztylet

Fixed display of special gear’s damage value on the chart.


Assault Sterling

Updated the description of the secondary weapon.

Updated description for Upgrade 7 to indicate that Movement speed only increases when using a primary weapon.

Medic Watson

Healing Foam ability: now applies Burning resistance to the operator and an ally during activation.

Fixed the description of special gear when using the Striker outfit.


Support Hagana

Turret primary ability:
— turret now has a deployment time of 3 seconds after installation;
— damage decreased from 14 to 12;
— reduced armor penetration from 60% to 50%;
— reduced ranges of damage reduction distances.

Marksman Eima

The operator can no longer switch to special gear when it is out of ammo .


Assault Faro

Added a visual of the mine during its flight.

The operator can now switch to special gear when out of ammo.

Fixed hands animation when reloading the main weapon and special gear.

Support Matador

Added Pyro Epic Outfit.

Medic Miguel

Added Pyro Epic Outfit.

Marksman Diablo

Removed delay between shooting and reloading the special gear.


Fixed display of the „Select currencies“ message when choosing a regular or unpurchased Camo.

Marksman Sultan

TRG-42 primary weapon: bullet flight mechanics changed: hitscan enabled (bullet hits the target instantly).


Support Zubr

Operator: Increased basic Armor from 40 to 60 points.

Medic Kaval

RGK-60 KD special gear: reduced activation delay from 3.0 to 2.0 seconds.

Marksman Busel

MTs-116M primary weapon: increased Headshot damage from 131 to 140.

Ballistic Knife special gear:
— reduced delay before shooting the ballistic knife;
— special gear ammo is now fully replenished every round.


Collection operators made available for purchase with Coins.

Fixed display of the „Select currencies“ message when choosing a regular or unpurchased Camo.

Fixed incorrect shaking of weapons on the operator’s back when using the Woodward outfit.

Assault Starkaðr

Ak 5 C primary weapon:
— increased dispersion by 10%;
— increased recoil by 15%.

Upgrade 15: Special trait: If the operator under this ability takes lethal damage, they receive the Last Stand effect for the duration of the ability:
— a property has been added to the Last Stand effect: hits received during the Last Stand effect slow the operator down. The description of Upgrade 15 has been updated in accordance.

Fixed the bug that blocked the player’s control if the Last Stand effect was activated while the player’s character is executed by Starkaðr.

Support Odin

Kulspruta 58 primary weapon: reduced range of damage reduction off at a distance.

Grg m/48 grenade launcher special gear: reduced basic Damage of tandem shells from 160 to 130.

Omen ability: reduced basic Area of effect from 24 to 22 meters.

Upgrade 7: Special trait: allies in the operator’s special trait’s area of effect receive less bullet and explosive damage: decreased Damage resistance from 15% to 10%.

Upgrade 15: Special trait: enemies under the ability’s effect receive increased weapon damage: reduced Damage bonus from 33% to 25%.

Medic Freyr

Touch of Iðunn ability: increased basic ability cooldown from 32 to 38 seconds.

Upgrade 15: ability cooldown acceleration: decreased bonus from 10 to 8 seconds.

Marksman Víðarr

Upgrade 7: Special trait: allies in the operator’s special trait’s area of effect deal more damage from their primary weapons: reduced damage bonus from 20% to 15%.
Maps, missions, and bots changes
Added a new map, Radar, available in Frontline, Showdown, and Ranked Battles modes.

Updated intro cutscenes in PvP modes.

Clearing, Special Operation, Onslaught. Fixed a premature end of the mission on all maps, in case of a bot’s grenade exploding in the water.

Frontline, Hacking. If intel falls into a cover, it appears on the nearest open surface.

Ranked Season 6:
— featured in Showdown mode;
— rounds to win — 5;
— the time between the announcement and the appearance of a neutral position has been increased to 25 seconds; a neutral position appears N minutes after the start of the round. Time between the announcement about the appearance of a neutral position and the moment when the zone becomes available for capture is 25 seconds;
— round time increased to 185 seconds so that the fight after the cutscene lasts 3 minutes;
— enabling overtime when capturing a checkpoint.


Removed the allies panel on the left of the combat interface.

Updated reserves tooltips according to the changes in the reserve system.

Prologue: Support. Fixed partial clipping into the obstacle when jumping on a cover at the start of a mission.

Prologue: Medic. Fixed repeating announcer message while resuppling ammo at the start of a mission.

Palm Road

Clearing, Special Operation, Frontline. Fixed the bug due to which bots could move partially clipping into the building.


Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the situation where the player could get stuck between an ammo crate and a vending machine.

Emir Residence

Map added to Onslaught mode.

Shopping Mall

Map added to Onslaught mode.

All modes. Removed unnecessary climbing next to the cover in the center of the map.

Frontline. Adjusted the position of the Heavy Fighter.


All modes. Fixed cover, after climbing on which the operator was returned back.


Showdown. Adjusted the point of vaulting the cover in accordance with the position of the cover itself.

Amal Harbor

Onslaught, Showdown. Added missing bipod functionality.

Al-Malik Hotel

Clearing. Special Operation. Fixed informant icon size.

Clearing. Special Operation. Fixed the bug when the informant was holding a rifle while repairing a car.

Object 903

All modes. Added bipod functionality on concrete dividers on the balcony.


All modes. Fixed collision of the box in accordance with the actual dimensions.

Clearing. Bots no longer move into inaccessible play areas.


Added the ability to use Sprint in water.

Onslaught. Fixed camera behavior when approaching objects.


Onslaught. Fixed cover, after climbing on which the operator was returned back.

Onslaught. Fixed the bug that allowed players to get inside the cover when vaulting an adjacent cover.

Onslaught. Removed excess chem. light.

Frontline. Support Officer no longer leaves his position looking for players.

Frontline. Removed the ability to jump into cover.

Frontline. Removed the ability to replenish ammo from the crate behind the wall.


All modes. Fixed the bug due to which some objects on the map could stop being displayed.

All modes. Removed the invisible obstacle at the exit from the bunker.

All modes. Fixed operators clipping inside objects.

All modes. Fixed drones clipping inside logs.
AI / Bots
Chemist bots no longer shoot at devices they can’t damage (like the Hagana’s Turret).
Added the missing descriptions of special gear in the personal files of all operators.
Combat GUI has been optimized.

Returned the prompt about exiting the game in Frontline mode.

Added detailed messages about the reasons for the impossibility to apply Combat reserves.
Added music to the starting cutscene in all PvP modes.

HQ background sounds no longer play on the game login window.

Onslaught. Fixed playing the Field Bonus activation sound when opening the statistics window.
Fixed the bug due to which the player did not see smoke if they were in aiming mode at the time of its appearance.
Fixed the bug where during the revival of an ally, a weapon could be displayed instead of a reanimation kit.
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