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Sixth Ranked Season: Solstice

From July 6th to September 21st, Caliber will hold the sixth season of Ranked Battles, the recurrent competitive PvP mode. The new season is called Solstice and will last 11 weeks.

The new season begins with a decrease in rating, Rank Emblems, and the previous season participants’ leaderboard positions. Tokens earned in Ranked Battles Season V will be returned to players’ accounts.


  • The sixth season of Ranked Battles is based on Showdown mode.
  • The game mode isn’t available to Recruits;
  • Friendly fire from all weapons is on;
  • Armor does not regenerate between rounds;
  • Penalty for death: maximum Hit Points are reduced by 10 until the end of the round if the player was incapacitated and revived;
  • Round time: 185 seconds;
  • Necessary number of wins: 5;
  • Max rounds: 12;
  • 100 seconds after the round start, a neutral position appears on the map. 125 seconds after the round start, the position becomes capturable. Capture time equals 25 seconds.
  • If round time runs out during the checkpoint capture, overtime is issued until the checkpoint ends. If overtime is on, the round won’t finish until the checkpoint is captured.


In sixth season, all players’ rating has decreased. In summary, the downgrade has pushed most players down two or three leagues. To gain a new rank, a player has to win as many rounds as last time: 3 in Bronze, 4 in Silver, and 5 in Gold.


For more balanced teams to participate in matches, we divided each league into two parts. The first part of the league ranges from rank V to III, and the second is from rank II to I. Matching players in the fireteam and the enemy team is carried out in such a way so that only users from neighboring parts of the leagues are in the match. The same rule applies to the search for a game in the fireteam: players can gather in a fireteam only if they are no further than one part of the league from each other.


Any player whose account meets two conditions can participate in Ranked Battles:

  • the player’s account has reached level 15;
  • the player has at least one operator with 15 upgrades researched and purchased.

There will be four leagues in the Ranked Battles mode: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each league except for Platinum has five ranks. Ranking progress depends on how successful are the battles. The player receives a Rank Point for each victory and loses one for each defeat.

The Platinum League has a separate rating that includes the Top-20 best players. Those Top 20 players will receive additional rewards at the end of the season.

The Top-20 is a dynamic rating. To stay at the top of the Platinum League, a player needs to constantly gain rating points.


Penalties for leaving a match early and leaving a match while loading the battle include:

  • For leaving a match early, the player loses 1 Rank Point regardless of the outcome of the battle, as well as a temporary ban from the game mode;
  • Leaving a match while the battle is loading is punishable by a progressive ban from the game mode;
  • Disqualification from a match for team kills also entails the removal of 1 Rank Point.


Players will receive rewards for every first victory per day: temporary event currency and a container with a random prize. The value of the prize depends on the player’s league at the time of receiving the container.

Every five wins in Ranked Battles will earn a player additional Tokens. The so-called Seasonal Task has no limit on the number of executions, it won’t reset, and the number of Tokens for a completed task grows as the league rises.

At the end of the season, players are entitled to two more types of rewards:

  • for the maximum league reached by the player, plus for reaching a place in the Top-20 of the Platinum League;
  • for the player’s current league at the end of the season.


For the duration of the Ranked Battles event, a temporary currency, Tokens, is introduced in Caliber. They can be earned in three ways:

  • As daily rewards for the first Ranked Battle victory;
  • For Seasonal Task. In Solstice, they are given for every fifth victory;
  • At the end of the season as part of the reward for the maximum league reached and the league in which the player is at the end of the season.

Ranked Armory will be available to players throughout the Ranked Season and one week after.

The rewards in the Armory has been renewed for the new season. You can see some items from the past seasons and new rewards created exclusively for Solstice.



Like in the previous season, Emblems are not given as a reward at the season end but change dynamically depending on the player’s league. The Dynamic Emblem immediately appears on the player’s account; initially, it is a non-league one which gains league status after the first play. It can be used in any game mode. The Emblem will display the player’s league until the new Ranked Battle season.

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