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Additional Rewards for Legendary Outfits

In Update 0.16.0, we added additional bonuses for those players who own or acquire a second Legendary Outfit for an operator. Previously, the bonus was awarded only for one such outfit.

Now, playing as an operator with 2 Legendary Outfits will bring you +30% operator XP and account XP, +35% Credits, and +15% operator XP in Contracts.

Bonuses from a pair of Legendary Outfits are summed up with the benefits of Premium Time. This bundle will significantly increase the amount of XP and Credits gained.

Additional XP and Credits are gained regardless of whether the purchased outfit is equipped by the operator. You just need to go into battle with one.
At the moment, you can buy the second Legendary Outfit for operators from the SEAL collection:

The list will expand in the future.

Customization menu. Or on the Store showcase which has been updated in version 0.16.0. There they will appear at a discount.

Discounted outfits also appear on the game’s website. It is worth visiting the Store page more often, as some exclusive offers appear there.

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