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Radar map: features, screenshots, and video

In Update 0.16.0, the sixth location of the Zalessye theater of operation appears in Caliber: the Radar map. At launch, it will be available in two modes: Frontline and Showdown.

According to the plot of the Caliber universe, the radar was one of the central nodes of the Zalessye’s air and missile defense system. It was built during the Cold War, and equipped with radars and a powerful for that time computer center. The armed forces of Zalessye used it to control the aerospace defense of the region.

When Zalessye gained independence, the complex was abandoned. Years later, it did not become entirely unusable due to the fact that it was built with the expectation of a possible Third World War. At the beginning of the 21st century, a private investor bought the radar.

When we were creating the map, radar stations became a reference point

But not only monumental buildings were a source of inspiration. We also used the image of the Sea Launch floating spaceport in the creation of Radar. From it, we took the scale, the complexity of the design, and a few individual elements like the TOLA.

A typical radar station was combined with a floating spaceport and moved to the top of the mountain. This is how the unique Zalessye’s radar was created.
The map is divided into several parts: outdoor, indoor, and the tech area. Availability of the map areas changes depending on the game mode.
It was quite an exciting task to come up with the image and details of Radar, since the complex is an object that does not exist in reality. So we decided to focus on the ship theme. In particular, on aircraft carriers and large warships.

Yaroslav Karpenko, lead environment artist

Radar has its own visual features. Players will encounter two versions of the map with different weather conditions: a clear high-mountain evening with a beautiful sunset and an overcast weather with mysterious fog and falling snow in the background.

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