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Updated Fragment Showcase

In update 0.16.0, the Fragment Showcase appears again. In the updated version of the Showcase, you can purchase the Grey Smoke and Sandstorm HQ backgrounds, outfits, emotes, and executions. For instance, you can purchase the Tourist Epic Outfit for Kit.


Don’t miss out on fragment shop items that you can’t get any other way! The Showcase will remain open until August 31st.

Fragments Showcase is a special section that periodically appears in the client store. The items in it differs with each appearance. All purchases in the Showcase are made for fragments.

Fragments are a special type of in-game currency that is obtained through a compensation system when, in one way or another, they receive an item in the game that they already have on their account. There is no other way to earn fragments.

Unspent fragments will remain in your account. If not spent this time, they will persist until the next Showcase update.

Fragment Showcase is unlocked at account level 18. For each type of double content, a number of fragments is issued according to the table.

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