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July 13th hotfix

During scheduled maintenance on the Caliber servers on July 13, we made a number of changes and fixes to the game.



Assault Shàowèi

Xigou drone special gear:

  • The description of the special gear mentioned a rate of fire of 5.8 shots per second, although the actual rate of fire was 10 shots per second. Now the rate of fire has been reduced from 10 to 9 shots per second, and the description has been brought into compliance;
  • Decreased shooting accuracy by 20%;
  • Reduced effective shooting distance from 22 to 15 meters;
  • Reduced basic durability from 165 to 135 hit points;
  • Reduced turning speed;
  • Fixed the issue where Xigou would spawn upside down, breaking its navigation when moving.
  • Added a special effect for spawn, destruction, and when Shàowèi takes the drone back;

The icon of the QBZ-95 main weapon has been changed.

Support Yíngzhōu

Upgrade 13 "Repeated activation of the ability (Q) detonates the device":

  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to re-activate the ability during the throw of the Electromagnetic Field Generator;
  • Primary ability Electromagnetic Field Generator: added animation of throwing in the incapacitated state;
  • Upgrade 10 "Ability cooldown acceleration": fixed the error in the ability description; now the actual time, 10 seconds, is shown;
  • Fixed the bug where the front sight of the Type-97 weapon moved with the scope.

Medic Yàowáng

  • EMP grenade special gear: reduced flight speed;
  • Healing Plate primary ability: reduced maximum throw range from 22 to 16 meters; increased delay before healing from 1 to 1.5 seconds;
  • Upgrade 9 "Ability cooldown acceleration": time reduced from −6 seconds to −4 seconds.

Marksman Cánglóng

  • Concealment primary ability: bugs related to the cloak display have been fixed;
  • Upgrade 15 "Special trait: holding down the Fire button (LMB) while in zoom mode (RMB) charges a special shot that can pierce covers": can now be disabled; fixed the bug where a charged shot would reset after crouching.
22 SpN

Marksman Tien

Upgrade 15 "Special trait: while being executed, the operator places the Bleeding effect on the opponent performing the execution": fixed the error where Bleeding was applied to the wrong target.


Marksman Strelok

RGS special gear: throw range decreased.


Marksman Komar

Fixed the error in the description of the Piercing Shot main ability when Upgrade 13 is activated.


Support Hagana

Turret primary ability:

  • Fixed the bug where the turret did not turn towards the enemy that it was firing at;
  • Fixed the areas on the turret that need to be hit to damage it. The values are back to what they were before Update 0.16.0.

Assault Starkaðr

Throwing Axe special gear: fixed the error where an operator hit with the axe would not take damage from missiles if they hit Starkaðr’s special gear.

Medic Freyr

Biostimulant special gear: fixed the error where the activation sound would be longer than the animation.


Improved the visibility of the main weapon sights:

  • OTs-14 in the Afghan Legendary Outfit of Plut the Assault of the 22 SpN collection;
  • SR2M in the Guard Legendary Outfit of Ded the Medic of the Vympel collection;
  • AS-1 in the Herald Epic Outfit of Voron the Assault of the SSO collection;
  • M4A1 of Aphela the Assault of the Nesher collection;
  • M4 Super 90 in the Pyro Epic Outfit of Miguel the Medic of the EZAPAC collection.


Battle Pass
  • The purchase screen for The Art of War Battle Pass now has a stronger hint that there will be a discount if you buy 2 or more episodes.
  • Fixed the bug due to which the notifications about getting Epic Outfits and HQ background did not disappear;
  • Fixed the screen for purchasing Battle Pass levels: now, when purchasing missing levels, the corresponding text will be displayed;
  • Fixed the bug due to which the Armor Plate Bag and Ammo Box reserves were displayed incorrectly;
  • The Battle Pass XP bar has been brightened up;
  • Fixed a number of minor visual and text errors;
  • Now, after purchasing all levels of the Battle Pass, the XP bar will be filled immediately;
  • Fixed a situation where it was not possible to immediately purchase the second episode of the Battle Pass after purchasing the first one;
  • Fixed the color of the Battle Pass header in post-battle statistics.
  • Ranked Battles, Showdown: Fixed the bug due to which the battle could start from the 2nd round
  • Fixed the error where Emblems from the Ranked Armory would end up in the Battle Pass Emblem section.
  • Emblems for completing the Prologue are now in the correct order.
  • Fixed the bug when the notification about returning to the battle was not received if the player left;
  • AMF, Jiaolong, Arystan: Fixed the bug where «Select currencies to buy» message appeared on the Assign button when selecting certain camos;
  • The Store button no longer glows if you have seen all products in the corresponding section;
  • New anticheat system version installed.


  • Support. Fixed the error where the player would spawn at the wrong spawn point after dying. Added an Ammo Box;
  • Medic. Fixed the bug due to which the operator received 6 syringes after respawning;
  • Fixed the bug with the blinking of active objects.
  • Radar — Frontline. Added the ability to climb over the railing;
  • Crossing — Onslaught. Fixed a situation where the evacuation area did not match its visual effect;
  • Emir Residence — Clearing. Fixed the bug due to which the bot did not leave the building;
  • Palm Road — Clearing, Special Operation. Removed scenarios with transmitters;
  • Dam — Clearing. Fixed the error that caused the «Detonator being installed» progress bar to appear when the player was in a bomb capture area.
  • Crosssing added to Onslaught
  • Added Shopping Mall and Emir Residence to Onslaught (Legend).

Fixed the situation when the bots did not crouch behind the covers;

Palm Road — Frontline. Bots no longer go through doors.

  • Fixed the bug with incorrect display of the main and secondary weapon icons that occurred when replenishing ammunition with the Ammo Box reserve if the player ran out of ammo at that moment;
  • The number on the compass slider now matches the values ​​on the main line.

One Sweep Execution: sound is synchronized with animation.



Support Yíngzhōu

  • Upgrades 6 and 7 descriptions in English have been corrected.

Medic Yàowáng

  • Upgrades 6 and 7 descriptions in English have been corrected.
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