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Battle Pass Gallery Disabling

Update 0.18.0 will bring many changes. Materials will disappear, operators will be sold for Credits, reserves will be overhauled. Since the old Battle Passes were created a long time ago, the rewards for completing them were prepared based on the old economy.

The main Archival Battle Passes’ reward is operators. Upon Update 0.18.0, players can simply buy them for Credits. Thus, completing those old Battle Passes will no longer make sense.

The Battle Pass Gallery will disappear from the game, and we will use its legacy in the future. Players will receive the rewards from the released Archival Battle Passes even if they don’t complete those.

Purchase and playing of Archival Battle Passes will become unavailable in version 0.17.1. With the release of the update, the accrual of rewards will begin.


Each player who logs in Caliber version 0.17.1 will receive the rewards of the first three Archival Battle Passes. The players will receive all the rewards from the Archival Battle Passes they have purchased. If a player did not buy those Passes, they will receive all the rewards from the free parts of the Passes. For this, players don’t need to earn XP.

Archive Battle Passes will be available for purchase until version 0.17.1, which will be released on October 26th. After the update release, they will no longer be available for purchase. Rewards will be available to players who registered an account in Caliber prior to the release of the update.

Archival Battle Passes from the Gallery:

  • Man of Сourage;
  • Codename D’Arc;
  • Sown In Thorns.


If a player has bought a Battle Pass, but has not logged into the game version 0.17.1, they will receive rewards in version 0.17.2. Players without purchased Archival Battle Passes will not receive rewards.

Players who want to receive the rewards of the free part of Archival Battle Passes must log into the game version 0.17.1.

All the rewards that will disappear from the game in version 0.18.0 will be automatically converted into Credits. For example, Materials. Customiztion items will be given with no changes.


All Battle Pass owners will receive commemorative Emblems in version 0.17.2. There will be 2 types of Emblems: Participant and Triumphant. The former will be received by Battle Pass owners who did not complete it, and the latter is for those who were able to go all the way.

Emblems will be awarded for every Battle Pass a player had purchased.

For example, if you completed the Sown In Thorns Battle Pass once, you will receive the Sown In Thorns: Triumphant emblem. If you did not have time to go through it but still bought it, you will receive the Sown In Thorns: Participant Emblem.

For The Art of War Battle Pass featuring the Chinese collection Jiaolong, players will receive as many emblems as many Battle Pass Episodes they purchased, to a maximum of four

All these Emblems will bring bonuses to their owners in future Caliber activities.

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