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Caliber’s Birthday

On October 29th, Caliber will celebrate its 3 years since opening its public access! In observance of this event, we have prepared gifts for all our players. To get them, players need to log into the game from October 26th to November 9th.

In addition to these gifts, players can receive other rewards by completing daily and weekly tasks and for completing Event Contracts. The main reward will be the Possessed Epic Outfit for Strelok, Marksman from the Vympel collection.


During the event, weekly tasks will bring more rewards than usual. Each week of the event features 5 stages, and in total there are 10 stages.

The tasks will be familiar, except for a single special one. It will be related to the Halloween mode, which we will talk about soon.

Additional rewards that can be obtained:

  • Credits;
  • Caliber’s Birthday 2022 Container with a Camo;
  • Credits Booster;
  • XP Booster;
  • Coins;
  • Parts of the Possessed Epic Outfit for Strelok;
  • Premium Time;
  • Armor Plate Bag team reserve;
  • Ammo Box team reserve.
To get the Epic Outfit, players need to collect 4 parts of it by completing weekly tasks.

Players who don’t have time to collect all the Epic Outfit parts before November 9 will receive a special in-game offer to purchase the missing parts or the complete outfit for Coins. The offer will be valid until November 16th.


For completing Daily Tasks, players will receive Tokens needed to complete Event Contracts, in addition to Credits and Materials Containers. 10 Tokens will be awarded for each completed task.

All unspent Tokens will be automatically converted into Credits on November 9th.

— 1 Token = 30 Credits;
— 1 Token = 60 Credits for players with active Premium Time.


There will be four Event Contracts in total. To start a Contract, players need to spend the earned Tokens. For completion of the Contracts, players will receive a unique reward. Each contract can be completed once.

Event Container holds a random operator (from any collection). Which one you get is a game of chance. However, the system is configured in a way to reward players with operators who are not yet on the players’ accounts. Players who have a complete collection will be compensated in fragments.
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