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[0.18.0] Operator Leveling Up, Skills, and Prestige

The leveling up of operators will become non-linear in Update 0.18.0. On some levels, players will be given a choice of several upgrades. Skills will be tied to the operators’ progress. The Рrestige system will be implemented. It will allow players to level up their favorite operator from scratch, showing their Prestige level to others and getting more Free XP.


Operator progress will be non-linear. After gaining some levels, the player will have to choose one upgrade from several available.

The levels will be capped at 15. Instead of Elite and Master ranks, there’ll be Prestige levels. The players could switch any chosen upgrade to any other available on the level at any time they want. To do so, the player would have to spend a special Retraining Manual. A Prestige rank is not necessary for this. One Retraining Manual will allow the player to change one upgrade at a time.

The players will be able to gain Retraining Manuals for completing weekly tasks and for participating in special events.

Every player will get 15 free Retraining Manuals at the moment of the update release.

The Master Camo will be carried over to the Historical Camo section and will be available to purchase for Credits anytime.


Here’s an example of free leveling up an operator that had all the upgrades purchased before the update in .0.18.0:


Skills will be tied to the operators’ progress. To unlock the skill for all your operators, you will need to get it for the operator who owns it as a Personal Skill.

Every operator will be given a unique Personal Skill. Thus, to unlock all the skills available in the game, the player will have to own all the operators. Skills unlocked and purchased before the release of Update 0.18.0 are the exception. Players will get those for free, upgraded to the max.

Also, players will get all the Personal Skills of the operators they own. The level of such skills will depend on each operator’s level.

Skills will not be tied to roles. For example, you’ll be able to equip the Snug Fit skill for a Medic or Support operator, while now it’s available for Assault and Marksman roles only.

Every skill will have 3 levels. Higher levels will bring more benefits. To level up a skill, a player will have to play the operator that owns the skill in question.

Skill slots for every operator will be unlocked gradually, on the 3rd, 7th, 11th, and 15th levels.

The Skills tab will change. It will contain info on the skills you have unlocked, their levels, and how to obtain the skills you have not unlocked yet.


Instructors will not be needed anymore, so they will be deleted from all accounts. Players will get compensation as depicted in the picture below:


After upgrading the operator to level 15, the player will be able to reset the operator’s progress and gain a level of Prestige. This action is free, no Retraining Manuals are needed for it.

After the reset:

  • Operator keeps the Personal Skill level;
  • Operator level drops to 0, and all upgrades become locked.

After the release of the update, all your operators will get Prestige levels according to the total amount of XP you gained while playing each operator. It is a hidden parameter, so it will be a surprise. After the release, you’ll know which of your operators got Prestige and how much.

There is no level cap for Prestige. Each level will increase the bonus to Free XP operator earns. This bonus stacks with the bonus from Premium Time. Other bonuses might be included in future updates.


Free XP is the in-game currency that allows the player to level up the operator instantly.

Free XP sets will be automatically opened during the release of Update 0.18.0, and XP will be added to the total amount of Free XP on your account. Players won’t need to purchase the available set to get this Free XP.

After the release of the update, players will get Free XP by playing operators of level 15. The amount of Free XP will depend on each operator’s Prestige level.

To level up the operator using Free XP, a player will need to pay Coins or Fragments. This will increase the number of players who leveled up the operator by playing matches, the players who know the operator by heart and mastered all their abilities.

  • Players will not be able to purchase Free XP anymore; they’ll need to earn it in matches;
  • The Progress Boost showcase will be removed from the game;
  • Medals will not get you Free XP anymore.
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