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March 22 — Hotfix

On March 22, during Caliber server maintenance, we implemented a number of changes and fixes to do with incorrect performance of "Picks and Bans", Vagabond’s "Fragmented Bullets" and Diablo’s "Inferno" abilities, the "R&R" skill, interface, etc.


  • Fog of War was deactivated in the Onslaught: Veteran mode and activated in the Frontline mode.
  • Replays: fixed a bug that ended replay watching when switching to another player.
  • Fixed a number of localization bugs that showed incorrect subtitles for operator English VO.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled players who were not in a fireteam to write in the fireteam chat by default during the battle preparation stage — the team was unable to see these messages.
  • Fixed a bug that made the voice chat inactive during the battle preparation stage.

Point Sweep and Special Operation modes, Al-Rabad map:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the visual effect from the AA gun to remain on the defeat screen after the drone had been destroyed.
  • 150 seconds of additional time were added after pressing the data transfer button at the end of the mission.



Marksman Vagabond
  • "Fragmented Bullets" ability: fixed a bug that caused shrapnel damage to operators who entered the area of effect after the target had been hit.


Marksman Diablo
  • "Inferno" ability: fixed a bug that caused fire damage to operators who entered the area of effect after the target had been hit.


"R&R" skill

Fixed a bug that made this skill cancel negative effects applied by abilities, weapons or Special Gear, such as:

  • Vympel Assault Volk: "Iron Grip" ability.
  • TFB Marksman Archer: Barrett M95 primary weapon.
  • RAID Support Bastion: G18C secondary weapon, CX-200 TL special gear and "Reflect" ability.
  • EZAPAC Support Matador: "Dense Fire" ability.
  • SSO RB Support Zubr: "Foxhole" ability.


  • "Picks and Bans": fixed a bug that marked teammates in white instead of blue on the operator picking screen.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the radial emote menu from closing with RBM on the operator customization stage.
  • Fixed the appearance of the Fog of War container: the outfit icon was replaced with the random reward icon.
  • Fixed the appearance of the Alpha: The Pinnacle emblem which was identical to the Vympel: The Pinnacle emblem.
  • Fixed a visual bug that displayed the button for collecting rewards for Premium objectives as active on non-Premium accounts.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the Return button as active after leaving a battle without suffering a penalty and then choosing another game mode in the HQ.
  • Fixed a bug that showed a found battle notification on the map loading screen instead of the "Picks and Bans" stage.
  • Fixed a bug that showed Daily Objectives of Ranked Battles on the game mode selecting screen even if players haven’t had their placement yet.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Assign button active when choosing customization items that were already active.
  • Ranked Battles: fixed a bug that made the role popularity indicator on the HQ screen show only players from one League while searching for a battle in a fireteam with players from different leagues. Now, the system recognizes all possible Leagues for matching.
  • Fixed a bug that made the role popularity indicators show "waiting time >10 min" on the Role Selection screen for all game modes except Ranked Battles.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Role Selection screen from closing and made the Cancel button inactive when entering Training mode with a fireteam consisting of the same roles.
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