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Picks and Bans will be added to Threshold mode

Hello, everyone!

With the release of the 0.21.0 update, the new Threshold mode will be added to the game. It allows for far more varied gameplay compared to other modes. It pushes players to give the game everything they’ve got, and allows you to fully explore your operators’ abilities.

One can claim victory in Threshold mode by choosing the right strategy and working together with their team. Thus, we have reworked the mode’s rules to allow for more flexible strategies.

From September 27, Ranked rules will come into effect in Threshold mode, and the rewards will be increased. A new Picks and Bans stage will now appear before the battle, which will allow players to pick their desired map and ban specific operators from the selection pool.

We’re sure that a lot of players have been desperate to ban one infamous American lady in Threshold mode for a long time. Now, you will be able to do exactly that.

Think of this as a sort of test that will replace the standard version of Threshold mode for now. We want to see how well Picks and Bans work in Threshold mode, which operators will get banned the most, and which maps will be the most popular among players.

We will monitor the data from the first day the new rules come into effect. We will make changes should anything work incorrectly. And if gameplay becomes less enjoyable, we will revert all the changes.

Players with access to User Battles will be able to play Threshold mode with Ranked rules to host various competitions. Share your experience of participating in or hosting competitions in Threshold mode — we will follow your reviews closely.

We wish you interesting matches and glorious victories!


  • Added the Picks and Bans stage.
  • To access the mode, players need to have at least three Level 10+ operators of the same role on their account.
  • Friendly fire is enabled.
  • The Recruits are unavailable.


We will increase the amount of XP awarded for victories, losses, and reaching each stage in the mode.

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