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3D scopes: optimization and big additions

Hello everyone! The next Caliber update will be version 0.22.0. Here are the first details for the upcoming update.

We will optimize 3D scopes and add them to the arsenal of 42 operators, updating more than 200 scopes in total. Aiming mode will no longer cause framerate drops when activated.


Right now, operators that use 3D scopes may cause the framerate to drop during gameplay. This issue — along with many others — will be resolved in version 0.22.0.

Some operators who did not previously have 3D scopes may even see an increase in framerate compared to their 2D scopes.

We will also clean the dirt from all 3D scopes. This cosmetic element may have added to the atmosphere, but hindered visibility. Fingerprints will disappear as well.


The first big wave of additions includes low multiplicity collimator scopes and many mechanical scopes. You can see the entire list of the operators receiving 3D scopes in the 0.22.0 update below.


What is the point of those scopes:

  • They better convey the feel of any activity, be it movement or firing, thanks to their volume. It is easier to get invested in the game’s world when you see a scope that correlates to the model of your weapon, and not just a flat picture.
  • While aiming, it is possible to see weapon camo, and the lightning and shadow effects.
  • The introduction of 3D scopes will open doors to a lot of new customization options in the future.


Next on the list are the average multiplicity scopes, then sniper scopes.

These changes are not just for show, or the new feel for firing weapons. We see demand for adding customization and personalization for scopes. There are not many things that can be done with 2D scopes, as they are basically a picture.

So, we have to prepare all the conditions to meet players’ expectations. We’re working on these right now.

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