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Version 0.22.0 Interface Update

Hello everyone,

Caliber’s in-battle interface will be updated in version 0.22.0. It will become more informative, easy on the eyes, and functional (Emote lovers will love this one).


The portraits of operators (your team’s, the enemy team’s and your own) will now be displayed in the battle interface. This change was implemented with new players in mind. There are 72 unique operators in Caliber as of now, and it can be pretty hard for a new player to memorize them all.

Caliber veterans may rest easy, though — operator portraits can be disabled in the options menu.


The icons for equipment, special gear, reserves, and revival syringe will also get a fresh coat of paint. The new layout is not just for improved aesthetics, either: it will allow displaying some effects (like incendiary rounds) and gamepad buttons more clearly.

The Stamina bar will now have numbers next to it. Ability costs will now be displayed numerically as well. These changes will help players manage their SP better.


Objective markers, ammo box markers, field bonus markers and other dynamic icons will now be positioned closer to your character. It will now be easier to track important objects if you have a large monitor.

The same goes for Ribbons: they will now appear near your scope, so you won’t miss them.

You can restore markers and Ribbons to their original layout in the options menu.


In contrast to the other changes, everyone will be getting the new kill log. We have made several changes to improve the readability of the info.

  • Kills in the log will now be displayed with a black background.
  • We have also reworked the panel with information on the enemy who eliminated you. The panel itself will be placed in the top right corner of the screen, closer to the kill log.

These changes will allow displaying allies’ statuses while spectating them: their remaining ammo, special gear, and reserves.


The number of Emote wheel slots will be significantly increased: from three to eight. In addition to Emote names, it will now display their illustrations as well.

Why bother to update the interface at all?

To make it more pleasant to look at and more informative, and to add a new Spectator mode to User Battles. We will tell you all about it in an upcoming article.

Our work on improving the interface does not stop here. Be sure to follow our news, and see you on the battlefield!

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