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Caliber’s Birthday: 4 years of Caliber

A celebratory hello to everyone! This Sunday, October 29, will mark 4 years since Caliber’s release.

A big thank you to all our players, who have chosen our game over countless other projects. You have been actively playing our game, sharing your impressions, creating memes and videos, and streaming your battles. This game would not exist if not for all of you.

Despite our hard work on the next version (0.22.0), we are not leaving you empty-handed.

We hope that you watched the video until the end. But if not, here is the code for your convenience: EYX45XKY. You can activate it on our website to get the Festive Spirit Emblem and 7 days of Premium.

The promo code can be used until November 25. 

But that’s not all!

From October 25 to November 8 (until the start of maintenance) you will be able to participate in the Double Credits event and earn Army Surplus Containers for completing some objective stages.


You will earn double Credits for completing objectives and their stages. Don’t forget to redeem the special promo code before starting them, since active Premium will allow you to access Premium Objectives.



All players will have access to the Firecrackers! and Party Sounds Emotes while the event is underway. Use them to create a celebratory mood... and to complete objectives!

The Daily Objectives will have a new task for you: to use one of these Emotes in battle.

On top of the doubled Credits, you will also be able to earn Army Surplus Containers:

  • One container will be awarded for the first completed daily objective stage (one for every day of the event).
  • One container will be awarded for completing each of the weekly objective stages.


This April, we issued the Good as Gold Emblem for the first time. This was a special Emblem for the players who made a significant contribution to the development and support of Caliber.

Today, we decided to give this Emblem to a new group of distinguished players. We will do so every year to commemorate the game’s birthday.

Thank you for your help!

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