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How we are fighting the cheaters

Hello everyone!

Today, we want to share our methods of fighting cheaters in Caliber. This is a never-ending process that takes place every day. It’s happening even as you read this intro.

There is no anti-cheat that is capable of getting rid of cheaters completely. Nor is there a magic button that blocks all of them at once.

That is why we simultaneously use three methods of seeking out and punishing those who play dirty.


Caliber uses the Easy Anti-Cheat EOS, provided by Epic Games. This program automatically detects suspicious activity and blocks cheaters.

Anti-cheat works similarly to anti-virus software. It remains effective if its database is up to date. If dirty players get a new program, then the anti-cheat won’t be able to detect it until the cheat database is refreshed.

So, we have to use other methods as well.


Don’t forget to report suspicious players in-game. To do this, press [TAB], then click on the three dots near the player’s username, then choose the Cheats category.

Your report will be processed by a special program. It tallies the number of different reports from different players and, most importantly, from different matches. Such reports are considered unique, and flag the player as a potential cheater.

If a player gets a lot of unique reports, they receive a warning first. Then, after recurring reports, they get a ban.


When a member of technical support receives a certain number of reports for one player, they enter «detective mode». They analyze all of the possible info on the player, including in-game reports, replays, stats, and even their public videos/streams. You can get a ban not just for using cheats, but for advertising them as well.

You can contact technical support through our official website.

Suspects not yet proven to be cheaters are placed on a separate list for further investigation. Their activity is monitored closely.

To minimize human error, we always decide on the ban collectively. Several staff members have to agree the player is cheating.


Combing out and blocking cheaters is a never-ending process that is constantly improved upon. We consciously do not share our entire strategy here, so as not to expose ways of working around our protection systems to potential cheaters.

Teamwork is key for fighting cheaters. Send your reports straight from the match, and contact our technical support — it helps a lot.

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