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New Special Offers in update 0.22.0

Hello, operators! Supply Center coming in.

If you’ve visited our Special Offers section, you might’ve seen some offers that weren’t at all interesting to you. Sometimes, you walk away empty-handed simply because that one specific offer you’ve been waiting for never came up.

So, about that... The current special offers distribution system has been in use, unchanged, for quite some time. And, to be honest, it’s really outdated. It doesn’t factor in your wishes or account stats at all.

Things clearly need to change. Starting with update 0.22.0, Special Offers will be much more individualized. They will take multiple variables into account: your preferred game mode, how often you play it, your favorite class, and more.

Supply Center employees have revamped almost all our old bundles and created new ones. They’ve also tuned up the Special Offers systems, so that it’ll be more likely to suggest things you personally want.

Holiday-related Special Offers will change as well. Let’s look at an example.


Foundation Day is an important event for any unit. This holiday is a great occasion to demo the operators in a collection that you haven’t had a chance to check out yet.

But not everybody needs operator bundles and, understandably, not everyone is prepared to spend Coins on something that can be purchased for Credits. Also, you don’t want to keep seeing offers you’re not interested in.

We’ve taken all of this into account when designing the new system. Now, Foundation Day Special Offers will mostly show up only for those players who may actually be interested in them.

But a holiday is still a holiday!

So, everyone will receive a gift on any unit’s Foundation Day. You simply need to claim it.


Our Special Offers system has undergone radical changes. To make sure it’s functioning correctly, we need to see it in action.

So, after the release of the update, we’ll be closely monitoring to ensure it’s working as intended, and adding changes and bug fixes as necessary.

Have fun shopping, and see you on the battlefield!


I’ve got a special offer. How long will it be available to me?
Between 2 and 7 days.
My friend got a special offer, but I didn’t. Why is that?
Special offers are distributed automatically, based on a huge number of variable factors. Perhaps you and your friend favor different roles or modes, have different account levels, or something else.

Keep playing, and the system will find the right offer for you.
How much time will I have to claim my Foundation Day gift?
3 days. The exact times are published on our social pages, so subscribe to stay updated!
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