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Frozen Town map: features, screenshots and videos

Update 0.22.1 will feature Frozen Town, a second map in the new Isverden Archipelago Theater of War. The new location can be visited in the Showdown, Ranked Battles (Hacking) and Annihilation modes.


A small town in the northern part of the Isverden Archipelago. The climate here is harsh even by local standards, but the tungsten ore deposits made it easier to build a plant and process the metal on-site, rather than ship it to a neighboring island. The dwellings of miners, plant workers, and their families have also been moved here, closer to the plant. Thus, this cozy town was born.

The architects poured their hearts into making people’s lives amidst the snow and ice as comfortable as possible by building warm and beautiful houses, utilizing the poor winter sunlight to its maximum potential. The plant even loaned the town their own fleet of snowplows to quickly clear the streets. The town had its own hospital, school, and even a small cinema.

This toasty hearth was extinguished in a single night. An accident at the plant threatened toxic substance leaks, and the town was evacuated. Now it stands there, abandoned and empty, the snow in the streets piling higher every day.



The main reference for creating the Frozen Town map were the towns of the Svalbard Archipelago, located in the Arctic Ocean.

About 3000 people live amidst the snow in their small houses, their main occupation being coal mining.

After getting inspired by the sights of the archipelago, we started to create a new Caliber map, while posing a question. How would a small town look if the people were to abandon it?


The Frozen Town map can be divided into several main zones:

  • The central road, where an administrative building and bar are located.
  • The second line has a sorting center as its main point of interest.
  • And the last line zone is mostly populated by houses.
  • Players’ spawn points will be at the rest area and the bus stop.


Frozen Town screenshots. The map can have two weather conditions, sunset and snowfall.

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