May 17 — Hotfix | Patch notes | Caliber is a team-based online game

May 17 — Hotfix

During the scheduled maintenance of the Caliber servers, a number of changes and fixes were implemented.

General changes
  • The Common Cause: Single Strike event has ended.
  • All remaining Envelopes and Single Strike Boosters have been converted into Credits.
  • You can claim the rewards you’ve earned until May 24.

Storm Mode:

  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect mine icon to be displayed when marking with the [C] key.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to hand over intel if the operator carrying it was incapacitated.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bunker textures to disappear if a bot started the self-destruct.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the camera to be incorrectly displayed when approaching certain objects.
  • Added missing muzzle flashes in the opening cutscene.
  • Storm mode will be available until May 24.