Update 0.20.2: patch note | Patch notes | Caliber is a team-based online game

Update 0.20.2: patch note

The 0.20.2 update has been released!

What’s new: the Fearmonger Battle Pass and the Brazilian BOPE collection, a large number of customization items are now available for Fragments, a number of bug fixes and more.

General changes
  • Added the Fearmonger Battle Pass.
  • Added the BOPE collection.
  • Implemented changes to the Prestige mechanics.
  • Most of the items can now be purchased with Fragments. Added a new objective and a new Army Surplus Container. Modified the rules of compensation. More details.
  • Fixed known issues that caused the game to crash.
  • Prologue: fixed a bug that prevented players from collecting the completion reward.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed enemy operators’ levels on the loading screen.
  • Ranked Battles: fixed a bug that prevented players from resuming the battle. This bug affected players that only had three suitable operators for this mode.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the pre-selected operator type choice from being saved.
  • The Crossing map: fixed a bug that caused the water’s negative effect to allow Aphela and Sultan to crawl while incapacitated.
  • Steam: fixed a bug that prevented the Technophobe achievement from being marked as completed after destroying a sergeant bot’s drone on the Forest map.
  • Medic Miguel, Assault Sterling: fixed the color of the primary weapon sight modules on their portraits.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bot and operator models to occasionally jump up after being eliminated.
  • Ranked Battles: fixed a bug that allowed for disabling hacking devices through a wall.
  • Annihilation: fixed a bug that allowed the Personal Kit Field Bonus to disable sprinting restrictions for some operators holding their special gear in their hands.
  • Operator selection screen: fixed visual bugs.
  • Fixed the operators’ starting positions when playing the Emote animation.
Ded, Vympel
Ded, Vympel
  • Fixed an error in the description of ability upgrade #5-2.
Sputnik, SSO
Sputnik, SSO
  • Paratrooper Epic Outfit: corrected the voice track, added the masking effect.
Bard, SSO
Bard, SSO
  • Enthusiastic ability: fixed a bug in the description that did not specify that the operator heals in HP, %.
Rein, KSK
Rein, KSK
  • Upgrade #13-2: Fixed a bug that prevented the use of the ability if no enemies were present in its radius.
Kurt, KSK
Kurt, KSK
  • Lure ability: fixed a bug that disabled the ability’s effect after Kurt’s second shot.
Corsair, SEAL
Corsair, SEAL
  • C-4 special gear: Fixed a bug that caused the operator to switch to another weapon after using the special gear’s last projectile.
Sly, CST
Sly, CST
  • Impersonation ability: added the option of using the ability without having the enemy in the operator’s line of sight just like marking with the [C] button.
Hagana, Nesher
Hagana, Nesher
  • Harpy Legendary Outfit: fixed a bug that caused the machine gun on the operator’s back to clip through the pouches.
Diablo, EZAPAC
Diablo, EZAPAC
  • GL06 special gear: fixed the damage graph displayed on the operator’s screen.
Mustang, Arystan
Mustang, Arystan
  • Replays: fixed a bug that prevented the special gear’s ammo depletion from being displayed.


  • Enhanced Stimulants skill: changed the description to reflect that the skill increases the reserve use time, and the delay between uses.
  • Regenerative materials skill: fixed the error in the skill’s description.
  • Steam: fixed a bug that caused the logo on the maintenance screen to appear blurry.
  • Practice: fixed a bug that displayed the objective when the [ESC] button was pressed.
  • Fixed visual bugs appearing on the operator preparations screen before a match.
  • Fixed a bug that caused emblems’ animations to display incorrectly during the match preparation stage.
Maps, modes and bots



  • Fixed a bug that allowed planting special gear inside map objects.

Point Sweep, Special Operation:

  • Fixed a bug that caused a bot to hack a laptop in a spot that is impossible for the players to reach.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the operator’s model to clip inside the box on which the laptop is positioned.


All game modes:

  • Fixed the burning barrel’s visual glitches.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the special gear’s projectiles to pass through the walls of one of the buildings.

Point Sweep, Special Operation:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the mission from being completed. The bot pulled himself together and is now ready to show himself to players.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the special gear to fall through the map on one of the map’s spots.


  • Fixed the display of the ladder’s section that was lacking texture.


Point Sweep, Special Operation, Onslaught:

  • Fixed a bug that broke the camera when the player got too close to some of the map objects.


All game modes:

  • Added the missing texture to the corner of one of the buildings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused thrown items to float in the air.

Point Sweep, Special Operation:

  • Removed an extra frame from the victory cutscene.


  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the prompt for jumping down in some places.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the special gear to fall through the map on one of the map’s spots.



  • Fixed a bug caused the special gear’s projectiles to pass through the ceiling of one of the buildings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to respawn in the same spots during a match.


Point Sweep, Special Operation:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the machete to disappear from the bot’s hand in the final cutscene.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to pass through the log fence.

Ranked Battles: added new sound effects for match readiness confirmation.

Known issues

Assault Martelo from the BOPE Collection:

  • Upgrade #9-1 — incoming damage reduction while using the special gear — works for only 10 sec. after selecting the special gear.
  • Upgrade #10-1: the damage listed in the description is incorrect. Corrected description: damage per sec. — 8.

Marksman Caçador from the BOPE Collection:

  • Linear upgrade #2. The operator’s parameters do not change on their info screen in the settings after installing a 5-shot magazine. A visual bug.

Medic Açaí from the BOPE Collection:

  • Upgrade #10-2: an error in the description. The healing amount is actually increased by +3, not by +5.

Support Barreira from the BOPE Collection:

  • Upgrade #14-1: an incorrect upgrade description. The Stunned effect is inflicted on a hit, not an elimination.
  • Stimulant box special gear: An incorrect message appears in the chat when marking the box with the [C] button.
  • Enhanced Protection skill: decreases speed more than specified. Speed reduction is listed as 20/18/15%, when it is actually 30/25/20%.
  • Shared First Aid Kit skill: an error in the description. The correct description is: "Each teammate within a 3 meters radius of the player restores 12/16/20 HP over 4 sec.
  • Marksman Recruit: wrong icon for upgrade 3-2.
  • Marksman Scout from the SEAL Collection: wrong icons for upgrades 3-1 and 7-1.
  • Players’ Emblems may be displayed incorrectly. This issue will be fixed today as soon as possible.