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On Wednesday, June 7, 6:30 UTC, maintenance will begin on the Caliber servers. The game will be unavailable.

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I sent a message to support, but didn't get an answer. Will I receive one?

The support team receives a lot of queries, so waiting times can be long. We prioritize queries about technical issues, since resolving such an issue usually takes care of a lot of similar ones and helps other players.

Of course, queries that require an individual approach won't be left unanswered. We appreciate your patience.

The new client
When did Caliber migrate to a new platform?

Caliber's migration to 1C Game Studios was performed on January 27, 2021. The game moved from Wargaming Game Center to a new launcher at the same time.

Follow the news in the official Caliber groups on social networks and on our website playcaliber.com.

Do I have to download the game again after its migration?

Yes, after the project was restarted on the new capacities of 1C Game Studios, the old client stopped working. You can download the new game client from the site playcaliber.com.

Watch the news in official Caliber communities on social media and at playcaliber.com.

Will my login credentials be retained once Caliber migrates to a new platform?

Yes and no. In order for you to continue playing Caliber after its relaunch, you'll need to register on the site. Press the Register button in the upper right corner of the webpage to open the registration form. In it, you'll be able to pick a new username and password if you want - or use the old ones.

Important - we want to give you in-game currency as compensation for everything you've spent on the game so far, as well as some bonuses on top of that. For us to be able to do this, you'll have to press the "I have played before" button on the registration page and then confirm your Wargaming ID. Then you'll be able to continue your registration.

Why can't you just transfer the accounts yourself so that I can just sign in and continue playing?

Account data is considered to be a player's personal data. Yes, we've developed a way to migrate them so that we can compensate for everything spent on the game. However, the choice to permit or forbid migrating the data to a new platform is completely up to the player.

Account transfer
Why doesn't account progress save when migrating?

There are several reasons that necessitate the reset of account progress.

The data storage and transfer systems are incompatible between 1C Game Studios and Wargaming, which makes the reset a precondition for data transfer to the new service.

We are forced to make this decision. However, we are trying to make the migration as simple as possible for players and to fully compensate everything spent on the game — as well as give some extra bonuses.

Since the reset turned out to be unavoidable, we decided to make use of the opportunity to improve the game and make it more varied and interesting:

  • We’re improving the way accounts operators progress. The new system is more flexible and varied, and, as such, is incompatible with the old one — meaning it’s only possible to implement after a wipe. Your feedback featured frequent requests to make some changes in this area. We even responded to concerns about the way progress works in the Direct Feedback articles (issues #2 and #8). This much is clear — you’ll be able to see the new progress system for yourself as soon as the transfer is complete.
  • We’ll improve things for players of different levels of involvement by reworking the economy. Now, you’ll be able to more efficiently invest in-game currency into the growth of your profile and operators. For example, there’ll be a Premium account option. It’ll significantly speed up your growth, but will be limited in its duration.

The wipe is a measure that is unavoidable in bringing the game to a new level of quality. We understand it’s a risk, but it’s one we’re prepared to take it so that you can enjoy Caliber even more.

What will be kept on my account?

After your account is transferred, we’ll give you in-game currency to compensate for all the real money you’ve put into the game until the last minute it is hosted on the Wargaming servers. You’ll be able to connect your new account to Wargaming ID at your leisure — you’ll receive the compensation regardless of when you do so.

The following will be returned following account transfer:

  • Operators you’ve purchased in the Premium Store (returned at base level);
  • Operators you’ve unlocked through achieving goals in the Premium Battle Pass — random RAID operator container; Archer, TFB Marksman — (returned at base level);
  • 22 SPN Assault Plut and SEAL Marksman Scout, unlocked in marathons (returned at base level);
  • Emblems you’ve purchased as part of bundles in the Premium Store;
  • Clear The Way and Artistry emblems;
  • All Coins purchased in the Premium Store, even if you’ve spent them;
  • All Premium account days you’ve purchased in the Premium Store.

Whenever your account transfer is completed, the Premium duration will only start counting down once you first sign in on the new server after January 27, 2021.

I used an incorrect email address when registering and now can't confirm my account. How do I start over?

If you've put in an incorrect email address when registering but specified the correct Wargaming ID, you'll have to wait 48 hours until your next registration attempt. The WG ID is reserved for that period of time, but then the reservation ends and you can start over.

What will happen to the rewards I've received for in-game events?

If during in-game events you’ve received the operators Scout or Plut, you’ll be given them again. However, they’ll start at base level. If during the Operation d’Arc Premium Battle Pass you’ve collected the final reward with four containers that have RAID operators and used it, you’ll be compensated in the same way it originally worked in the Battle Pass:

  • One slot with a random RAID operator can be unlocked for free; other containers can be opened in order, but operators will be discounted instead. In any case, unlocking an operator this way will be cheaper than buying them in the Store.

Emblems, animations, reserves, experience and credits, as well as other rewards you’ve received in battle for participation in marathons and in-game events, won’t be kept during migration. You’ll be able to receive many of them again after the reboot during free in-game events.

I've played Caliber before. Will I receive any additional rewards after migration?

Of course! Players who have been supporting the project since its first year of open beta will receive bonuses. If you fall into several categories at once, you’ll receive multiple rewards.

— Players who have reached Account Level 20 receive:

  • 3 containers with random operators (except for the Nesher team, as well as Sokol, Stirling and Bourbon);
  • 250 000 credits.
  • 3 days of Premium.

— Players who have reached Account Level 60 receive:

  • the Veteran emblem;
  • 4 operators: Alpha Assault Perun, GROM Support Prorok, TFB Medic Watson, and 22 SpN Marksman Tien;

— Participants of the alpha, closed beta or supertest receive:

  • the Alpha Testing, Beta Testing or Supertesting emblem, accordingly; KSK Marksman Kurt;
  • Epic Skin "Huntsman" for KSK Marksman Kurt;

Attention — if you fall into several of the categories above and there are duplicate rewards, you’ll only get one copy. This applies to operators and skins, as well as rewards for participation in the Sandbox.

We’ll inform you of the precise point in time at which you’ll receive compensation.

I can't see my container rewards. What does this mean?

Despite appearances, you did receive the reward and it's been added to your account. If the reward is missing, contact support. In the message, please specify the approximate time at which you opened the container.