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On Wednesday, June 19, 7:30 UTC, maintenance will begin on the Caliber servers. The game will be unavailable.

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I already have an account in Caliber. Will I be able to play via Steam?


  1. All you have to do is download the game from Steam, launch it and log in.
  2. Next, you have to enter your login and password credentials of the account you registered on playcaliber. com.
  3. Done. Your Caliber account is now connected to your Steam account. Your progress and items are safe.

Instructional video.

If I create a new account instead of connecting an old one, will I be able to disconnect the new one and connect the old one?

No. After creating a new Caliber account on Steam, the new account will be forever connected to the Steam account.

Please bear in mind that account creation/connection cannot be reversed.

Can I disconnect my Caliber account from Steam?

No. If you don’t like playing via Steam, you can download the game from playcaliber. com and play the usual way.

Do I have to download the game from scratch to play on Steam?

Yes, to start playing on Steam you have to:

  1. Find Caliber in the Steam store.
  2. Press «Play» on the game’s page.
Can I switch to Steam later?

Yes. You can still play Caliber you downloaded from our website and connect your account to Steam later.

Is Caliber from the website any different from the Steam version?

No. The website and Steam versions of the game are the same. They will receive updates simultaneously.

While playing on Steam, will I be matched only with the players who play on Steam too?

In battles, players are matched from all platforms. All players, whether they play via the launcher or Steam, will play together.

Will Steam’s social system be integrated? For example, will I be able to see a friend who is playing in Showdown?

For now, there is no such thing in the game. In future, we will try to use all opportunities that Steam offers.

Will there be Steam achievements?

Yes. We are working on a significant list of achievements including the ones with hidden completion conditions.

Will I be able to participate in the Steam Event by playing Caliber via the launcher?

No. Tasks can be completed only by playing on Steam.

What will happen if I add Caliber to Steam via «Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library» option?

In this case, the game will be launched via the launcher and you will not be able to enjoy the advantages the Steam launch presents.

If I press "Play" on Steam, will it start the launcher or the login screen?

If you connect your Steam account to your Caliber account, you will not see the launcher or the login screen. You will be redirected to your HQ menu.

I bought an item while playing on Steam. Will I be able to use it if I launch the game via the launcher?

Yes. It’s the same account.

Will I be able to see how many hours I have spent in Caliber in total if I connect my account to Steam?

No. Steam shows the number of hours you played only on Steam.

Will my Steam Friends list be synchronized with my in-game friends list?


Will I be able to invite to my fireteam or receive invites via Steam?

Yes. There will be «Invite through Steam» button in the Contacts section.